Welcome to the Animal Jam's Groups Chat Guidelines page!

The Live! Chat is where registered Wikia users can come together and discuss. We have a few rules to keep it maintained, which staff (those with Chat Moderator rights) will enforce. If you have been blocked from chat and you feel it was not right, get in contact with the staff member that blocked you and sort it out. No one is blocked/kicked without a good reason.</center> <center>


  • If you are requested by someone in chat to drop a subject, please respect their wishes. You may continue your conversation in PM with people, but you should not by any means, be making people in chat feel uncomfortable.
  • Spamming will not be tolerated, and you may be kicked from chat depending on severity. It is highly disruptive and may even cause lag to other users in chat.
  • Similar to spam, please be cautious with flood. 6+ lines of text in one message in the main chat, as well as 3+ lines of caps lock is considered flood. We understand flooding may not be your intention, but try your best to avoid it regardless.
  • When linking triggering/disturbing material in the main chat, give warning. This also comes back to making sure all users in chat are comfortable; be considerate.
  • Please try to limit swearing. As stated previously in the main Wiki Guidelines, while occasional profanities are permitted, you may not use them excessively. Swearing too much risks you getting kicked and/or banned from the chat.