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❝We, the Guardians of our Arbiter's resting grounds, are a curse sent to rot in these haunted chambers. As the bones of our once dead rulers rise, we are the new leaders, we are the new gods, we are the new Arbiters..
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Our Transcendence of Megalomania
Name Arbiter's Grounds
Founders Snakes1
Founded 05/03/17
Roleplay type Advanced Vocabulary
Activity Inactive, Postponed


Species Wolves, dogs, and foxes
Territory Undecided
Realm Neutral
Tag Red, star
Member-count 2.
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Positions, Hierarchy


Lord X1

{1/1, Snakes1, Venath}

Lords are the primes, and control every section of the grounds, to the wisest elder to a newborn pup, they are the the sovereigns to all the dominion, and all must bow down.

General X1

{1/1, Skima, Romanesque}

Generals are lieutenants, or ambassadors. They represent the kingdom yet proceed the reign after almighty Venath. Most of their rights stay the same, yet a few are completely up to the Lords to decipher.



Lanayru X1

{0/1, -, -}

Lanayrus are the lead healers, either the eldest or wisest out of all the medical branch.

Shaman X1

{0/1, , -}

Shamans are used as a spiritual or mental heal rather than the physical. They are unusually connected to the Twilight Realm ( AG's Afterlife )

Healer X2

{0/2, -, -}

Healers are the common medic. They've had training from the Lanayru herself for injuries and diseases, and without them death and illness would spread across the pack.



Sovereigns of Militia X2

{0/2, -, -}

Sovereign of Militia is the Warlord, a highly advanced and skilled pair of combatants. They certify that all sessions go in order, and are always in the front of a battle line.

Troopers X3

{0/3, -, -}

Troopers are the elites, and are more skilled than the average warrior, or have been on the grounds longer. They're purpose is to guide default gladiators into glory.

Gladiators X∞


Gladiators are the warriors, combating most enemies in their way and are the skin and flesh of our grounds, for without them, our Arbiter's chambers would be undefended.

Neophyte X∞


Neophyte are the less experienced,weak members that roam our earth. They are training to be a gladiator and have a chance of being the next Lord or General.


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Multi Grouping

Multi grouping is strictly forbidden and shows the lack of loyalty and respect given to our grounds.


Infighting with packmates is frowned upon. If you have an issue with a pack member discuss it with the Lord or General themselves.


If you are inactive for whatever reason, notify Venath or Skima. Therefore we can excuse you and no penalties will follow for inactivity. ( Inactive excuses such as e.g Vacation, grounded, exams, etc ).


If you fail to obey the regulations and conduct of our grounds, there will be consequences. At first, a bit of rebellious or questioning behavior is excused, yet blatant disobedience and stubbornness is unacceptable.


This doesn't qualify to simply the low ranks, this qualifies to all. Disrespecting any of your packmates is intolerable and will result in immediate action.


If you at all discriminate against one's religion or sexuality it will result in exile instantly. You have no right to insult others race or any other identity, and this rule is taken very seriously.

Speech rights

Despite the obvious rights between our royal and low hierarchy, everyone has their own speech rights. You can speak your mind freely, yet to a degree. If it will offend others, then refrain from the "insulting" measure to your opinion.

Pointless War

Pointless killings or war causes more drama and stress for all of AG, and is not needed. If however you do start a war, you will have a fair punishment, as though bonds with other groups can be mended.


Once you leave, you can only come back once. After that you're permanently exiled, and can only work as a "rogue" ally to Arbiter's Grounds if you left on good terms.

Fail to lead AG

If you fail to govern AG as a General or any high rank, you will either be demoted or temporarily demoted, depending on the degree of stress, activity and the circumstance.
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Three warnings





Frozen to death

in Snowpeak

Vitally wounded

Left to die in battle

Unable to get a health checkup for a week


Temporary exile


Quick death



Thrown off The Glacial Death Mountain

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Name: Snowpeak
Actual name: Mt. Shiveer
Server: Undecided
Description: A glacial beauty in the hyperborean north. Many prey resides in this obscure and veiled domain.


Elk, deer, moose, caribou
Benefits and Dangers: Benefits: Plethora of prey, well hidden.

Dangers: Rival packs

Species able to hunt in area: Grey wolves, arctic foxes.
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Name: Flooded Plateau
Actual name: Appondale
Server: Undecided
Description: A marshy and flooded mesa full of rich herbs and shelter.


White tailed deer, raccoons, rodents
Benefits and Dangers: Benefits: Shelter, plethora of herbs.

Dangers: Sinking mud, floods, exploding river banks

Species able to hunt in area: Red wolves, foxes, big dogs.
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Name: Geothermal Valley
Actual name: Kimbara Outback
Server: Undecided
Description: A burnt, parched area, yet with a plethora of prey. It's clear landscape makes it easier to spot other prey lurking.


Rodents, sand cats (if starving),

Benefits and Dangers:

Benefits: Lots of prey

Dangers: Venomous Serpents

Species able to hunt in area:

Red wolves, foxes, dogs, occasionally grey wolf.

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Sparring is a contest between two people, either for pleasure, or to sharpen your skills. It doesn't necessarily matter on the breed of the species, only on the speed and vocabulary.


Multisparring is when 3+ people against another team. This is so you can learn how to cooperate with teammates you don't necessarily like.

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False alarm is when the leader picks a few members (preferably elites), and tells them to raid camp secretly. This is to test the reactions and alertness of our gladiators. ♛SHADOW RUNNER♛
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Shadow runner is a stealth-orientated game, where half of the pack will have to find the traitor and their "gang" (a group chosen by the lord or general). Therefor they have to spy and infiltrate the pack, and learn secrets through trust. Yet, there are multiple groups:





These groups are randomized, and neither knows who is an ally and who is a traitor. Therefor you have to spy, learning which group is which. This is training for when warriors will spy on possible threats.
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Cleared every month.

[1] 05/03/17 (DD/MM/YY), Arbiter's grounds has been formed, yet postponed.

[2] 05/03/17 (DD/MM/YY), we welcome our Lord, Venath, and our General Romanesque!

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Copy and paste these within the comments. Joining





Why you want to join us?

Roleplay example:

Rank desired (keep in mind you might not always get this rank):

Past 4 associations:

Why did you leave past affiliations:


Group name:

Leader(s) username and name:

Deputies username and name:

Reason for alliance:

Are you in a system?:

Member count:



We currently do not accept any rivalry applications.

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Ending Note