"With Shortness Of Breath, You Explained The Infinite."

You taught me the courage of stars before you left.

How light carries on endlessly, even after death.

With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.

How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.

I couldn’t help but ask

For you to say it all again.

I'd give anything to hear

You say it one more time,

That the universe was made, just to be seen by my eyes.

"Dwell On The Beauty Of Life. Watch The Stars, And See Yourself Running With Them."




About 30 months






Hounds of Odious

Theme song

Saturn by Sleeping At Last

"I Swear To You, There Are Divine Things More Beautiful Than Words Can Tell."

Atlas doesn't like to tell most about his past, as he gets very emotional when doing so.

When Atlas was young, a terrible sickness invaded the forest. Unfortunately, his mother caught that very sickness. It was deadly, and sadly, she was killed in a matter of weeks.

Atlas had to fend for himself. He was young and naive. He made dens in hollow trees, struggling to catch food, and only got his paws on a couple of rabbits. That is, until Quinn found him. Quinn fed him, and looked after him. He was quiet, and always seemed to look up towards the stars instead of down around him.

Atlas grew up and went on his way. Quinn was an old hound now, and he decided that he should be left in peace.

But Atlas grew depressed. His mother's death haunted his dreams. The memories of her symptoms clouded his sight. He didn't see any purpose in being alive. What's the point, if you were only to die?

He travelled for a long time. Until he found a wolf settled by a patch of boulders. He looked familiar. It was Quinn.

Atlas ran to him, burying his face in his fur. He told him everything. His depression, his nightmares, what he'd been thinking. And Quinn listened. Ever since that moment, Quinn stayed with Atlas. Then, one night, something strange happened. Quinn woke Atlas from his sleep, and guided his eyes towards the stars. And in that moment, he explained the very contents of the universe. The purpose of existence. Atlas was enamoured. His words were mesmerising, like a galaxy itself.

In the morning, Quinn had disappeared. Atlas looked frantically, but still, he could not be found. Atlas was destroyed. But he didn't doubt his purpose, for he had been enlightened with the explanation of infinity, and that was what kept him alive.

"He Counts The Stars And Calls Them By Name."

Atlas is...


Atlas is extremely intelligent. He knows about almost everything, and can tell you information about any subject.


Atlas is very curious. He always wants to find out new things. This may be why he's so intelligent.


Atlas is a victim of wanderlust. He cannot be in the same place all of the time, and will always take walks in the forest, studying everything around him.


He doesn't like to admit it, but Atlas is clingy. He can't bare to lose anyone close to him, because of experiences from his past. He will always be around close friends, always wanting to talk to them.


Atlas is very timid. He doesn't like being in situations that may be dangerous, and he doesn't like taking risks.

"Once You Look Above, You Fall In Love."