Status Inactive
AJCW Username Lyøn
AJ Username Heavydirtysøuls
Species Coyote
Sex Female
Sexuality Heterosexual
Birthday June 11th, 2015


Name Breakdown: Bear

Age: 2 years

Current Residence: None


Bear's history is mostly unknown. For as far as she remembers, she only can detect that she was walking on a ledge of a mountain as a pup with her mother. Her life was dramatically changed when an avalanche caused her mother to be crushed by rocks that fell from the mountains. From then on, she knew she had to care for herself. At the time, she was only but 6 months old. She met this old wolf, named Bodolf, which is Norse for "Wolf leader". Bear just called her Bo. 

Bo raised Bear until she was one and a half. Unfortunately, one day, when Bear emersed from her sleep, she was horrifically greeted by a limp, dead carcass that belonged to Bo. To this day, Bear doesn't know what happened to her.


Breed: Mountain Coyote

Build: Bear is a larger than normal coyote. She is rather muscular and structured very well. Her spine is flat and she stands on her paws very well.

Fur: Bear's fur is luxurious and silky. The patterns and designs on her coat are just delightful; as they are all sorts of greys, browns, tans, and whites.

Scars: None

Voice: Mainly gentle, however deep for a female.

Scent: Sweet,  like the smell of freshly cut grass and chammomile.

Size: 100 pounds; pure muscle

Height: 2.4 feet high.


    = Base
    = Secondary

    = Sclera


    = Inside of Ear
    = Nose


Positive Traits: Gentle, kind, caring

Neutral Traits: Can be forgetful

Negative Traits: Jumps to conclusions, is scared by loud noises.

Summary: Overall, Bear is a very kind canine that you would enjoy to be with. She cares for others very much and always makes sure they are all right. 


Physical Health: Very healthy; no severe wounds detected.

Mental Health: Bear has slight anxiety and PTSD due to her mother being killed right in front of her.

Strengths: Hunting,  caring, nuturing

Weaknesses: Gullibility, forgetfullness, taken for granted

Fears: Failure, being abandoned


  • To find her father
  • To figure out what happened to Bo
  • To explore all terrains


Relationship Status: Single

Mate: None

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Attracted to the opposite gender)

Currently Attracted To: Nobody

Coyotes Attracted To Bear: None that she knows of

Offspring: None

Family Relations:

Format: Name, relationship, deceased or alive, location

Conall, father, last seen alive, unknown location

Other relations:

Bo, parental figure, last seen deceased, in Heaven

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