"Born Wild, Born Free"

Founded: 12/31/16
Founder: P1nkbear
Status: Active
Recruiting: Yes!
Species: Felines & Cainies
Orientation: Light
Tag Color: Green
Roleplay: Traditional & Advanced
Names: Rouge names
Server: (Tba)


Member count


1. Røyall/Kiwi (Monarch)

2. Prince1337/Aura (Warrior)

3. tala2278/Mist (Warrior)

4. Redpunchicolors24/Iceclaw (warrior)

5. haleyvz6/Sky (Warrior)

6. Kiki0922/Beam (Warrior)

7. Lafayetta/Sasha (Novice)

8. Animexcarl/Icicle (Warrior)

9. Chloethegoldenarrow/Phoenix (Warrior)

10. Scourge20784/Spirit (Novice)

11. Put0000/Blizzard (Warrior)

12. Shreethara/Sylvertris (Warrior)

13. Wolfpuppy1209/? (Warrior)

14. Roar1127/Storm (Warrior)

15. Taylorispurple/Ghost (Novice)

16. Starlight708/Silver (Young)

17. Mintybug/Heron (Warrior)

18. Wafflewerewolf/Pepper (Warrior)


Code Of Conduct

Preventing wars


Born wild is a light orientation and would like to stay that way. We would like it if battles are prevented from happening and we stay light and happy the way we are just like a family.

Double grouping


When you double group you basically being "unfair". It's also known to be rude and harsh to do. Even attempting double grouping which is joining a group when you are currently in one you can be exiled.



Activity plays a big part in our group. Staying active on the wiki or animal jam is important. If your gonna be inactive for a certain amount of time please warn us before you do.



Causing unnecessary drama can lead to a major exile as I said in the preventing wars rule let's just stay with a light orientation, shall we?


The Ranks

Monarch [x2]

Royall (Kiwi)

The Monarchs are the rulers of the pack. They make the rules and have full control of the pack. The lead their pack to success in battles and plan progress towards the group.

Proxy [x4]


The proxies are the second in lead ready to take command the 1st that was promoted as a proxy and responsible has a chance to become the very next monarch of the group.

Captions [x5]


The captions are in the third lead of the group. They are trained by proxies and make 1/2 of the decisions for the group.

Elites [x5]


The Elites are the head warriors of the group. They are the leads of most of the patrols and are very highly respected.

Warriors [Unlimited]


The Warriors are the main part of the group. They hunt patrol and guard the borders proving their loyalty to the pack.

Shaman [x3]


The Shamans are the healers of the group. They heal their members to protect and serve their group. The shaman does not participate in battles.

Novices [Unlimited]


The Novices are the training part of the group. They are trained by the warriors on how to hunt, patrol, and guard the territories.

Young [x15]


The Young are the young out of the group they are the cubs, pups, and kittens. They are kept in the nursery until 3 moons after 2 more moons the young because of a young novice.



Joining form

Name (Rouge names only)-


Personality (Be descriptive and add detail)-

Appearance (Eye, pelt colors)-

Hunting example (Be descriptive ADD detail)-

Fighting example (Be descriptive Add detail)-

How did you find us-

Why do you want to join (Are you excited to roleplay we would love to hear :p)-

Loyalty promise-

Alliance form

Group name & Link-

Leader and second in charge username-


Member Count-

Rp example?-

Loyalty promise-


End Note

Will you join are wilderness, or will you stay in the shadows?


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