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 ۩  B u l l e t ۩ 

"We hit the sky, there goes the light. No more sun why is it always night? When you can't sleep then you can't dream; when you can't dream then what's life mean?"

"We feel a little pity but don't empathize. The older getting older watching a young man die.A mother and a son and someone you know. Smile at eachother and realize you don't..You don't know what happened to that kid you raised, what happened to the father who swore he'd stay? I don't know, because you didn't say. Now mama feels guilt, yeah mama feels pain. When you were young you'd never thought you'd die. Found that you could but you were too scared to try. Looked in the mirror and you said 'Goodbye'. Climbed to the roof  to see if you could fly. So if i survive then i'll see you tomorrow...yeah i'll see you tomorrow."

 ۩  I n f o r m a t i o n a r y ۩ 




Two Years


Mexican Wolf