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Name Coalfrost
Wiki Username MATCHASIAN
AJ Username coolroboy1
Discord Tag matcha#7926
Theme Song Worst in Me - Unlike Pluto




Previous Name(s): Coalpaw, Coalkit

Upcoming Name(s): N/A

Prefix Meaning: Coal [black]

Suffix Meaning: -frost [cold and calculating]


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual (he has yet to come out)

Group: None

Rank: None

Breed: Unknown


Mate: N/A

Crush: N/A

Crushed on by: N/A


Moody, brooding: Coalfrost prefers to spend time alone and will deride anyone who tries to get close to him. He rarely has anything complimentary to say, but when he genuinely does, it means a lot.

Twisted, sarcastic, apathetic: Coalfrost is not one to lose his temper easily, but he finds it amusing to gets others to lose theirs, and he often does this with a controlled amount of sarcastic remarks and insults. Due to this, he doesn't have any who are close to him.

Seductive, darkly charming, clever: Even with his negative demeanor, Coalfrost is still a relatively good-looking cat, and he knows how to attract someone. After all, his charms are necessary for him to play his favorite game: the toying of hearts.


Physique: Coalfrost is particularly muscular, although nobody can really tell unless he really exerts himself, which scarcely ever happens. He has a slim build, for his muscles are on the lean side rather than the bulky.

Fur: Coalfeather has matte, medium-length fur that he meticulously maintains to keep himself looking nice.

Eyes: His eyes are a pure yellow with small flecks of bright green around the pupil and scattered bits of brown throughout the cornea.



-playing other cats

-watching chaos

-being alone




-extreme temperatures


Note: This applies in roleplay only. My character's feelings are not the same as mine.

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