Status  Bearclan
AJCW Username Lyøn
AJ Username Heavydirtysøuls
Species Charcoal Bengal
Sex Male
Sexuality Heterosexual
Birthday June 16th, 2015
Voice Boggs from The Hunger Games

Tough situations build strong people.

Name meaning

Hawk - brave, protective, loyal, appearance of a hawk.

thorn - mistaken, strong, unpredictable.

Top coat - His top coat is a mix between dark grey and a gorgeous silver. He has captivating swirls. In between those swirls are elegantly placed dot-like shapes.

Bottom coat - Hawkthorn's bottom coat is a solid black. On the edges of his stomach, his beautiful silver swirls cut into the blackness and they form a rigid appearance.

Paws & muzzle - His paws and muzzle are an off white, almost grey, tone. They give him an ashy look, almost as if he was rummaging through coal.

Eyes - Hawkthorn's eyes are most definitely his focal point. They are a mesmerizing crystal blue color. Decorated in his Iris is speckles of grey.

Body structure - Hawkthorn's body structure is overall pleasing to look at. He is above average (In height), as he stands at 1.3 feet tall and weighs 20 pounds. His above average weight and height all contribute to his overall masculinity. 

Scent - As if Hawkthorn isn't pleasant enough to be around, his scent makes him that much more desirable. He smells of a combination between freshly cut grass and sea water.

Overall appearance - Overall, Hawkthorn is quite the eye candy. He often gets told that he is "Genetically blessed", therefore making cats attracted to him. The shape of his physique is very muscular. Underneath his beautiful, eboney pelt is nothing but muscle and skin. At certain angles, you are even able to see his strength. 

Straight to the point - Hawkthorn often thinks in black and white terms, meaning something is either wrong or right. He rarely ever sees a grey area.

Idealistic - He is very idealistic. When he believes in something that was being challenged, he wouldn't hesitate to fight for it.

Cold - Hawkthorn typically comes off as "cold hearted", when all he really is just rough around the edges.

Caring - He is very caring. He often risks his own health and life to save others.

Gentle - He has the strength to kill any other cat, however, he can be just as delicate as to care for a kit. He is very tedious with his work, which is why he almost always gets his job done, and gets it done well.

Competitive - Hawkthorn is very competitive. He loves competition, especially to prove himself in front of his friends. It's not that he lives for attention, however, he loves to entertain and be the comedic relief in stressful situations.

Fliratious - Hawkthorn is known for his rather flirtatious and cunning remarks, especially to those who he has an attraction to. He knows just what words to say and when, therefore making him slip out of hostile situations very easily. He doesn't need to be told what to say, even if he has to lie to somebody. The way he talks is truly lulling; as his voice is calming and truly alluring.

Protective - Hawkthorn is a very protective cat. He knows whats his and he stands for it. When you are with him, you often feel a sense of protection; a safe place. He is always willing to battle for his Clan, and especially to protect a specific cat that he may have his eyes on.

Overall personality Overall, Hawkthorn is a very fun cat to be around. He has a great sense of humor, a good sense of judgement, yet serious when needed to be and is very respectful. He is definitely a cat that you would want to immediately befriend. He, himself, knows of his miraculous ways of words. He considers this somewhat of a gift; as not all cats are able to play situations off as well as he can.
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