I M M O R T A L S 
"We ponder our immortal bodies. The stench of a corpse never lies on our royal fur. Each century has a different ending. Our strong diaphragm's withhold pure life and never death. We are Immortals."


With sly bodied the mystic creatures roamed the massive terrain. They were the definiton of beauty; and kindness. The Overlord led two canines away from the pack. Her unatural looking pelt was slick in the wind as she gazed upon her royals. A loud snarl was heard in the distance as she looked into the longing forest that withheld tall and strong trees. The rock high above the pack is where the three sat, staring into the gnarly twist of infamous bark. "Gather the young and have the Shaman's guard them in the Mallery."  Moral spoke with a soft tone. The Mallery was the enterance that led inside the huge tree that the pack lived in. The two hounds nodded and leapt down the "stairs" that brought them to the ground. 

The lights in the distance had the summary that a dog from the sancuary has escaped. The loud sirens graved closer as the hounds below rushed into the Mallery. Moral's eyes glared at a distance running figure. It wrecked through the trees, it's huge body slamming them down. She jumped down and stood at the main entrance of the forest. There it was; a fully black wolf with scars crossing its body. He gained mometum and lunged onto Moral. She twisted and slammed him to the ground. Fury burned in her eyes as he tried to escape. "You came to play? We don't invite strangers. So what is you're name?" The wolf glared at Moral, mumbling "I am Y/N. Please don't hurt me, they keep trying to kill me." It's voice was agony to listen to. The ruggedly formed canine led a tear run down its face. 

Moral smiled. "You can stay in this camp for a few moons. Try anything and you will be killed without question." She barked softly, howling for the pack to come meet their new member. She jumped off the wolf, pondering to the highrock. Her Apostle and Chief followed her, leapting to their spots. "Let us celebrate the new arrival of Y/N!" Moral howled. It wandered up to Moral, dipping its head. 

"Welcome to Immortals." 



Founders XxBratusxX aka Moral
Species Wolves
Orientation Light
Naming Rogue
Alpha Moral
Beta N/A
Status Postponed
Theme Song Fumes - EDEN
Member-count 1
Disbanding? Postponed
Main editor XxBratusxX


The Overlord is in charge of all the pack. He/She is most wise and thoughtful.  The Overlord chooses punishments and just holds most power.
Name Username Species Rank Mate
Moral Immørtalz Unidentified Overlord N/A
The Apostle is second in command. He/she stands proudly next to the Overlord during battle. The Apostle is as well wise, strong, and mystical. 
Name Username Species Rank Mate
- - - Apostle


- - - Co-Apostle -
♔Sentinels♔ The three Sentinels are the battle planners of the pack. They give the best battle tips and form how we do hunting patrols. 
Name Username Species Rank Mate
- - - Head Sentinel


- - - Second Sentinel -
- - - Third Sentinel -
The Chief is the most wise. He/she is the therapist of the pack and tries to convince to not have any battles. He/she is the peacemaker.
Name Username Species Rank Mate
- - - Chief -
The Shamans are the healers of the pack. There are only two. But, they can speak to the passed lives of Immortals.
Name Username Species Rank Mate
- - - Shaman -
- - - Shaman -
♔Trainers♔ The Trainers is a rank that trains the Novices. They are strong and well minded. 
Name Username Species Rank Mate
- - - Head Trainer -
- - - Trainer -
The Gladiators are the fighters of the pack. They are all strong, if they weren't, then they would be demoted to Novice. 
Name Username Species Rank Mate
- - - Gladiator 1 -
The Novices are trained by the trainers and up. They will be tested and watched by the Apostles, then spar their trainer.
Name Username Species Rank Trainer
- - - Novice -
The Young are self explanitory. Too young to fight or hunt, so until they grow strong they become Novices.
Name Username Species Rank Parents
- - - Young -



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