|↘| K A R A C H I |↙|
|↘| P E R S O N A |↙|

  • Surly: Karachi isn't exactly the friendliest person, nor is he the most rude. He sits directly in the middle. He is not afraid to voice any of his opinions, and when he knows someone is wrong, he will voice himself loud and clear. He can be rude at these times, and loves a good debate so there's a reason to be rude.
  • Impatient: In a short version of saying things, Karachi is extremely impatient. While this can be seen as a bad thing, Karachi tells himself it is good, especially if he were to be a mentor one day. While others say it is good to have impatience, he says: "If I am too patient, where does that get me?" meaning that if he were to have a novice, he would need to snap them into training well.
  • Restless: Karachi has a bit of anxiety, therefor he has troubles with standing still. Often, during meetings, you will see him pacing around in the back or muttering to himself. This is a way to calm himself down, so he doesn't say anything reckless or stupid in his leaders' presences.
  • Perspicacious: Karachi can get himself out of bad situations, and quite easily. He is extremely intelligent- sometimes too smart for his own good.
  • Sardonic: Karachi is known for his rough, sometimes offensive sarcasm. He doesn't shame himself for his jokes, whether offensive or not. However, if he realized his joke did hurt someone that bad, he will apologize after.
  • Anti-social: Karachi isn't one to naturally socialize with others, and prefers being and doing things on his own. This, however, helps him to get used to his group members by individualizing others by their traits, which he learns by himself and on his own on his own time.
|↘| G A L L E R Y |↙|


|↘| R E L A T I O N S |↙|

  • Gabriel [Supernaturallcastiel]: (100%) Gabriel is a good friend to Karachi, and someone he can depend on. Karachi looks to him as a companion and a brother, but also as someone he may want to keep close in the future.
  • Xero [Goldiefishh]: (90%) Karachi is best friends with Xero, an old friend who he's kept by his side ever since Karachi's good friend, Jonah, passed away. He looks up to Xero as either a father or an older brother, even if he is a wolf.
  • Rhia [Snicklefritzer]: (75%) While Karachi does work alongside his fellow Chancellor, he is not too sure of her intentions just yet. Perhaps she will grow on him in the future times.