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K I N G D O M of A S T R O N O M Y

The Kingdom of Astronomy is officially opened. Please contact Yayolive on Animal Jam for more information.
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"The gracious, the elegant, the peaceful. We are learners of the stars, we are proud. Welcome to the Kingdom of Astronomy, my friend, where every canine learns proudly."
C O M E into the K I N G D O M

An indecipherable landscape was peeking out at you, startling you as you saw a gargantuan sanctuary of obsidian in the distance. The sanctuary was not too far away- and it was barely visible, but your eyesight allowed you to start to see some details. Strange. As you trotted closer to the sanctuary, you saw alluring paintings on the obsidian of canines looking at the constellations. There seemed to be no human activity around, and you started to wander who made this sanctuary, and who painted the obsidian. As you looked closer at the obsidian, you saw that the paintings were very well drawn, but very old and weary-like. This sanctuary had probably been around for thousands of years, with no human or other creature touching the ancient walls, hoping to not lose data from the paintings. They were very special for further look and research of the ancient times. Just as you were about to enter the sanctuary, your curiosity piqued, you heard a strange, male voice say calmly "Halt." You stopped. You were having a feeling of trepidation, and you replied, "I promise, I wasn't trying to do anything. Please." The male emerged from the darkness, and it turned out to be a canine, like you. It was an elegant body-shaped Belgian Malinois. "Very well. May you proceed inside? Queen Giselle is waiting for you." You didn't reply, wondering who Queen Giselle was. He then said something else, "I am William, by the way. Are you up for the chance to get accepted to the Kingdom of Astronomy. You thought for a second, and you nodded. Astronomy has been around for thousands of years, and it is an ancient subject. "We will teach you about the history of this palace, along with the basics of astronomy. Once you have become a worthy rank to learn more than just basics, you will learn about uncommon constellations, and much more advanced categories."
E N L I G H T M E N T TBA soon
B E L I E F S of our K I N G D O M

The Big Dipper

The Big Dipper is one of the most commonly known constellations. It is also a symbol of our ancestors that have created the Kingdom at least 700 years ago, and is our heaven where all of the light-hearted and peaceful canines in our Kingdom go to. It is very important that we stargaze for the Big Dipper, because it tells us when a drought or a heavy storm is coming, and over the past 700 years, whenever we saw the Big Dipper, there has either been a drought or a heavy storm.

The Far Side of the Moon

The complete opposite of The Big Dipper. This is where all the pitiful canines that were accepted into the Kingdom and had failed to proceed to learn and get to higher ranks. We don't dare to see the Far Side of the Moon, ever. It is bad luck and a threat to our Kingdom. Whenever we sense the Far Side of the Moon facing us, we know that a disaster will come and that much of our livestock and canines will pass away.

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