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Name - Kipp

Gender - male

Age - 3 years

Breed - Bull Terrier

Residence & Rank - The Pack of Shadowed Paws, Medic


Bisexual - Attracted to both sexes

Relationship status - Taken

Canines attracted to Kipp - Riot

Canines Kipp is attracted to - Riot <3

What Kipp looks for in a relationship - Kipp generally looks for anyone willing to support Kipp when he's at the lowest of his low. He's very affectionate, and wants to find someone willing to share mutual protection. Sometimes, Kipp can be very frail, so he may need someone to help and support him through his hard times.

Offspring - None


Because of his breed, Kipp is very small. He has a completely pure white coat, with short, thin fur. A few splotches of black lie around his nose and ears. He has very dark brown eyes.

Scent - Lavender.

Weight - 11 kilograms.

Height - 12 inches.

Body type - Kipp's body type is small and compact. Most of his muscle lies in his shoulder, as his legs are quite thin.


Gentle - Kipp absolutely hates conflict, and will only fight defensively. He mostly likes being soft and gentle to other canines.

Intelligent - Kipp can be extremely intelligent, especially when it comes to his knowledge of herbs. Give him a situation, and he'll find a way out of it, even if it means thinking outside the box.

Stubborn - Despite being gentle, Kipp can be extremely stubborn when it comes to his decisions. Suggest anything else, and he won't budge, unless he thinks the suggestion is of reason.

Overprotective - Because of his soft personality, Kipp can often come off as overprotective, especially of his pack mates. He won't let any wounded canine leave the medic den until he's absolutely sure that they're okay and healthy.


Walks - Kipp loves long strolls around the forest. He find it brings peace of mind.

Learning - Kipp loves to learn new herbs and technique, just as much as he likes teaching them.

Healing - Being a medic, Kipp has a big passion for healing.

Fruit - When Kipp isn't eating meat, he likes different fruits, such as apples and blueberries.

Meadows - Kipp loves to roll around fields or grass, as he finds it extremely funny and calming.


Mud - Kipp hates getting his paws dirty, especially if the mud dries and crusts on his fur.

Conflict - Kipp hates conflict. He'd rather let his pack mates do it than try it himself.

Cold weather - Due to his short fur, Kipp is sensitive to the cold. He likes to stay inside if it's snowing or raining.

Secrets - Kipp hates keeping secrets, and is usually very truthful. He especially despises when things are being kept from him.


Leading - 6/10

Hunting - 7.5/10

Fishing - 2/10

Patience - 9/10

Predictability - 7/10

Swimming - 3/10

Making friends - 8.5/10

Making enemies - 0/10

Climbing - 4/10

Fighting (Physically) - 5/10

Fighting (Verbally) - 7/10

Tolerance - 7/10

Speed - 6/10


To become Medic Chancellor -

To become medic -

To get a mate and have a family - 𝘟

To know advanced herbs -


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