Hello, AJ! I am some jammer, and my founding partner is also a jammer. I started this group after watching the YouTuber Lord Roy. You know, the "we are number one exposed" or the "let it grow exposed" guy. Huge fan of his vids. Anywho, our group has to have the same color scheme. All black, no patterns, (unless black) and those weird small eyes, which are also black, hence the name "edgy bunnies". You have to be a bunny, obviously. Our group goes to any Aldan Sarepia and yells stuff like "I love Lord Roy" or "Expose the witchcraft!" Always in caps. Ignore people who attack us, like when our group started a wind cougar attacked us. We ignore, of course. So, no form of anything, just look like us and yell Lord Roy stuff! We call each other fam, because we are cool and stuff. Please, we need anyone we can get! No, Lord Roy doesn't know we exist. :frowny face: But hey! We love him! LORD ROY IS OUR BOY!

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