Status Inactive
Roleplayed By Warriorcatsivyleaf
Gender Male
Age 3 yearsa
Pack None
Rank Leashed dog
Mentor None
Trainee None
Mate/Crush Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Brothers Unknown
Sisters Maggie, Harley, Janie
Sons None
Daughters None
Grand-Sons None
Grand-Daughters None
Personality Lucky is a very dumb-founded brute with a stubborn, yet fun-loving personality. He's always joking around and loves to play and wrestle with his friends and family when he can. If you ever need someone to cheer you up, just talk to this dumb fellow!
History Lucky was born on the streets and was taken care of another dog named Dunkin. When Lucky was the right age, Dunkin led him to his new home out in the woods. Sarah, his owner, was standing near a part of her fence that had been torn down, and had heard something stepping in the woods and panting. She knew it was a dog and -without fear- watched as the dogs stepped through the fence. Her grandmother freaked out, but Lucky ended up becoming one of their pet dogs. Dunkin, however, left Lucky there and moved along.
Advantages Very quick, strong jaw
Disadvantages Sort of stupid, doesn't think about what he's doing

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