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. . ♛  M A E V E ♛ . .

❝I am Maeve, she who intoxicates. A siren, born to suck the life out of others in ways unimaginable. I walk with beauty and grace, my secrets hidden behind the thick veil of elegance are immoral as could be. But you never would have guessed, would you? The master of manipulation and desire. It is merely who I am.❞


♛Fall Deeper and Deeper, The Sirens are Singing.♛ 

Name Maeve
Username chi04356
Gender Female
Pack Unspecified
Rank Unspecified
Sexuality Pansexual
Theme Song Hurricane - Halsey
Breed Ibizan Hound 
Orientation (Very) Dark

♛I'm the Violence in the Pouring Rain...♛ 




A petite Ibizan Hound built for stealth and hunting. Her fur is mostly creamy white with brown-ish tan spots on various places. She is lean and her fur is silky smooth, not a single hair out of place. She is 26 inches tall with a weight of 49 pounds. Her eyes are a  shade of amber, with a circle of brown around her right eye. Her normal expression is a look of alertness, as she is always aware of her surroundings.  She has ninja-like stealth and is quite attentive. She tends to use her beauty to her advantage, luring poor, unknowing males to their doom, as would a siren.

♛I'm a Hurricane.♛ 



❝And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut.❞

Beautiful. They called me. Overlooking everything else I could offer. Beautiful was all they could see. Was I not intelligent, stealthy, cunning? I guess not. Beautiful was all I  was. Why not make the best of it? On cold, dark nights I'd think. Why not use what they like the most about you against them? I overlooked that thought for so, so long. Thank god I finally listened. If  beauty was all they thought I had, my beauty would be their demise. 


❝And there's an old man sitting on the throne that's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean.❞

"If you don't stop being so underhanded you won't get yourself a lad." They said it as if  I cared. If  I can use my intelligence against these fools then so be it! These fools couldn't outsmart me even if they tried! My intelligence frightened them, that a canny maiden like me would overrule them, obliterate them even. So they tried to dull me down, yet their pathetic attempts didn't work. They never did. So I prevailed.


❝I'm headed straight for the castle.❞

What can I say? I was a quick learner as a young maiden.  I was brighter than the other young fellows, I can say that quite confidently.  I outsmarted all of my peers by a longshot, my mentors were stunned. But as stunned as they were, they were equally scared. Scared of my intelligence. Scared that I would overthrow them. They were right, I did. I used my intelligence to outwit them continuously in this game called life. Maybe they just weren't as prepared as I am. 


❝Already choking on my pride, so there's no use crying about it.❞

These fools, they could never match up to me. I was smarter, faster, stealthier and stronger than them. They overlooked me, to them I was just another young damsel. I will never be a damsel in distress, waiting for a lad to come save me.They were no match for my greatness, they would never be. Their idiocracy will ruin them, but I will rise.  High above them all, into the heavens as a superior being. They will never be as great as me, ever.


❝If you wanna break these walls down, you're gonna get bruised.❞

"Might as well keep your mouth shut. You're supposed to sit and look pretty, not yap about things you don't know. Not that you could do either anyways." The last straw. I slammed into them, my vision blurring as crimson liquid splattered everywhere as terrified screams filled my ears. My short yet jagged claws moved rapidly across my victim, my beautiful pelt being stained with crimson. This moment I've waited for for so long, it was finally here. The blood staining my claws.  I love it. 

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