bork bork. i am a cute doggo.

- Morimoto 

Morimoto (Pronounced Mo-ri-mo-toe; often shortened to Mori, said as Mori moto on Animal Jam) is a peaceful grey wolf, currently residing as a loner. He is a collected individual who enjoys playing games, swimming, conversing with other Canidae and sleeping.


Morimoto has a short stature (and a small build in general), although his slender figure is hidden under his medium length coat. He has excessive fur on his chin, giving it a tiny goatee-like appearance. Morimoto's pelt features a deep Tuscan red topcoat, with a medium-lightish brown underbelly and eyebrows. His nose, inner ears and paw pads are an odd dark red-pink mix. Morimoto's eyes are large and more oval shaped, being soft yellow in colour. See gallery for visuals. 


  • Level-headed
  • Clean
  • Good-natured
  • Alert 
  • Submissive
  • Narcissistic



As his father, Morimoto had always looked up to Ogawa; regardless of how bad of an influence he was. Morimoto was always extremely obedient when it came to his father's orders. Ogawa was sometimes abusive towards Morimoto, but he always assumed it was 'for the better', and took the beatings. He still thinks very highly and surprisingly positively of his father to this day, despite his unnecessary violent acts towards him as an adolescent. 


Morimoto, of course, had unconditional love for his mother as a pup- after all, she was the one who had raised him. But, the two never had much of a close bond, as Yae gave most of her attention to Iida over the rest of her litter. Contact with Yae was also limited during Morimoto's training, rendering the two almost strangers by the time he had left their pack.


Iida has always been there for Morimoto, and he will not hesitate to give up his life for his one and only sister. The two were almost identical in appearance, which Iida believes pulls them closer together. Morimoto was glad Iida had decided to take up the life of a healer, even if Ogawa thought it was a weak path- at least she would be much safer than her brothers.


Although Morimoto hasn't always gotten along with Okino (mainly fighting for their father's attention and praise), he still cares deeply for his brother. A love-hate bond. During their younger days, the two would play fight often and became great friend-enemies. Morimoto became jealous of Okino often, as he was obviously more capable physically in Ogawa's eyes; he didn't have much chance catching up to his brother's strength. 


  • His current theme song is Nocturnal Me - Echo and The Bunnymen.
  • Morimoto is very stubborn when it comes to romantic relationships, and does not plan on getting into one anytime soon.
  • His favorite prey type is rabbit.
  • Morimoto is awful in battle, and part of the reason he chooses to be a pacifist. Although, his lack of skill in physical encounters is made up for with his extraordinary hunting abilities. 


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