Galloping wolf free lineart by akaiia-d9lkv4m

  Welcome to my life, friend...

Black wolf run by seasidehorror-d91awp9

The rather large pup wriggled by his mother, her warmth comforting him deeply. He lifted his head, looking into her beautiful eyes. He smiled his sky blue eyes shone, yet there was something missing. His eyes were enchanting, his pupils not visible through the azure surroundings. No pupils. He wiggled bumping into his litter-mate. "Be careful dears!" His mother Shanti warned. 


Cracking twigs, Dust,

Pursuit, hot pursuit,

He was gaining on you.

You could feel his hot breath on your neck, making your fur prick,

Then sudden silence filled the foggy forest.

Moments later a shreik split the air in half, earsplitting, ears ringing.

Though it didnt bother him, his brute figure pinning you down.

Helpless, utterly helpless.

He had you, he had you from the start

His serrated fangs gleaming in the dim light.

His eyes, mesmerizing, like a trance.

You were hypnotized.

Fangs bared, he was ready to strike.

He lunged, mere moments and you were done.

Death, pure death.

Blood, blood on the forest floor. 

The metallic scent drowing the greenery,

He smirked leaving you to rot.

You had betrayed Romania, you had betrayed him.\

About Him

Name- Neptune


Gender- Male


Age- 2 years


Sexuality- Straight


Mate- Venus


Realm- Dark


Neptune is usually in isolation, he tends to be alone.

He loves being in charge and lets it get to his head, he is ambitious.

Sometimes he will lose his sanity and do some well, "things", he is rather bellicose.

Protective is another way to describe him, he will risk everything for his family and friends.

Neptune is very annoyed easily, just don't be annoying.

Demonic, he is very demonic, he believes this is a cruel world and by killing he releases the troubled canines. ( Traitors)


Family and friends



His eyes

Roses due to their color

Enchanting things


Annoying mutts



Being "Ordinary"



Neptune is a demonic,bellicose, monolithic male canis lupus. He is rather heavy set but not in useless flesh but pure muscle. He has a pure alabaster pelage which is rather unusual for being a grey wolf. He has alluring azure blue lumanaries. His bodice is laced with many "Battle scars" as he calls the, giving him a ghastly look. He is rather devilish and has a quick tounge but sweet and kind once you get to know him. He is the son of Shanti and Goliath, and older brother to Sweet.






All pack members

Speed- 9/10

Agility- 5/10

Battling- 10/10

Sanity- 2.1/10

Stamina- 7/10

Leadership- 10/10

Swimming- 4/10

Climbing- 7/10