She kills with no life to spare

Just a victim whose lungs breathe no air



Silence. That's all that was heard.

As if the snow draped forest was holding its breath, waiting for something to happen... The chirping of the birds that usually filled the air with their melodic voices were gone. All that could be seen was the glistening snow blanketing the hibernating world, clumps dangling from the bare trees. Then, breaking the silence ever so slightly, were minuscule crunches. Delicate paws swept over the snow as a majestic, angelic alabaster and ultramarine wolf came into view.


A gentle breeze abundant with flurries brushed past her flocculent, draping pelt. Nevaeh then hummed, her light voice carrying a morose, haunting tune, as her pale blue eyes were narrowed; as chips of ice itself. She continued her walk along the tundra like terrain, but halted when she reached a voluminous, gaping mouth of a cave. Intricate, elongated icicles hanging over the entrance, the pathway inside dotted with blossoms and mostly crystals.

A sinister, yet radiant smile tugged at Nevaeh's lips as she entered her domain. Surrounding her on the cracked walls were countless cave crystals, obtaining many hues of beautiful pastel colors. They casted an eerie glow throughout the cave. As Nevaeh hummed, her serrated, obsidian hued nails caressed the crystals slowly, the ghostly light illuminating her face as she grinned, the light glinting off of her crimson stained, daunting fangs. The corrupt melody bounced off the cave walls, echoing and resonating through the air.

A distant, foreign voice was then heard from the entrance of the cave. Nevaeh released a snarl of annoyance, furious that she was interrupted. She sprinted outside and faced the foreigner, as her once angelic voice now thundered, "Who gave you the right to disturb me!" The unfamiliar, ebony hued wolf flinched slightly at Nevaeh's presence, but regained his composure. "You are not wanted here, you are invading our lands and territory. I advise you to leave, NOW." Nevaeh stared at the male, completely shocked at his foolish remark.

She began to laugh lowly, "Do you know exactly who I am?" The ebony masculine wolf snarled with bitterness, "I don't know, and I don't care." Nevaeh smiled, amused by this wolf's courage as she chuckled, "Hm, you're making a big, big mistake, dear, and before you annoy me any farther, let me make you pay the price for your mistake of interrupting me."

With that, the voluminous, chalky white wolf lunged at the male, her brawny jowls brutally interlocking with the neck, snapping in a grueling manner. Twisting the esophagus, fragments of bone fell to the blood soaked snow. Nevaeh released an angelic, bone-chilling, howl-like giggle as she watched the body convulse once, and lay limp forever in demise. She stepped back and began to return to her dark realm, releasing a calm sigh. Nevaeh laid down, her head just tucked beneath her flocculent tail, surrounded by her crystals. A single drop of blood fell from her fangs, and tainted a lone crystal, a bright, nefarious, red.

~Written by Reina (XMysticWolvesx)



Nevaeh's appearance is like no other. She has the appearance of an angelic, elegant wolf. However, she is the exact opposite. Nevaeh is mentally insane and can snap at any given moment. Her draping, glorious coat is all white with a royal blue undercoat.



Nevaeh's personality is hard to identify. She is often discribed as "bipolar", as she is angelic one minute and demonic the next. She is very unemotional and kills with no mercy.



When Nevaeh was younger, she grew up in bad relationships with her parents. They were constantly fighting. One day, her parents got sick of the constant strife and lashed out at Nevaeh; physically. Nevaeh didn't stand this hatred for her parents any longer; so she killed them instantly.

Fun facts

Nevaeh has an obsession with crystals. It is unknown why, but her crystals are very sacred to her and play a huge role in her life. You will often find her in her cave, surrounded by crystals as the pastel colors illuminate her ghostly figure.


Nevaeh's draping, angelic fur must always be perfectly tended to; as it must resemble silk and elegance, and nothing else.


Nevaeh has severe Schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. The Schizophrenia contributes to her obsession with crystals, as well as it explains her sporadic, hazardous actions.


When Nevaeh kills another wolf/canine, she rewards herself with a victory. She will remove a tooth from the deceased canine and have the Practitioners from her pack apply herbs that serve as a numbing agent to her jaws. The Practitioner then performs the act called "cementing", where they stick the extra tooth in her jaw. This is the reason for her receded lips and abundant amount of teeth.

Photography & Art

  • Nevaeh by Indiya
  • Nevaeh by Leah
  • Nevaeh by Haley
  • Nevaeh by Folie
  • Nevaeh's signature by Haley
  • Nevaeh by Reina