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Lord Huron - The Night We Met

Lord Huron - The Night We Met

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Species Mixed Breed
Age Two Years
Gender Female






Realm Neutral, leaning Dark
Current Affliation The Mistaken Empire
Current Rank Practitioner


Chandra (climber1943)

Father Kanji (HeavenlyWing3)


Half-Sister Wisteria (Hallxween)
Adoptive Brother Silhouette (Verifying)

Gretchen (Snicklefritzer)


Hallxween (100%)

Nevaeh Heavydirtysouls (100%)



Charm is extremely passionate about anything that concerns her or the ones she loves. When she feels something, she feels it with a fire. This may something bring her over the top with her strong passion, however. She may go too far, ending up in situations that could have been avoided. This is why she relies on her closest friends and her family to warn her when she is going too far.

Serious She is quite the serious wolf, her sense of humour having been dimmed by moons of sadness. She is not one to joke around very freely, and her personality contrasts greatly to her fellow Shaman and sister, Wisteria, who is notorious to be the jokester of the pack. She takes her work very seriously. Her quietness and dullness may sometimes unattract others from her. All she needs is an occasional chance to relax and have a laugh.

Charm is incredibly subdued and calm. This may be a side effect of her depression, but even when she is feeling fine, she is quiet and docile. She is also very thoughtful and allows herself a lengthy time of each day to think over things, leaving her with little to say. Often is her silence mistaken for indifference, making her very hard to like. Although she can sometimes be indifferent, she really does care, and she thinks about everything.

Short-term Memory/Forgetfulness Charm has an issue short-term memory loss, and can sometimes forget things that were just said to her, even if she was listening very intently. She may even a few times be caught struggling to remember the name of a packmate. However, she practices at the things she most commonly forgets, and practices at the things that she should never forget in fear that she will forget it. She sometimes feels guilty for being so forgetful.

Charm is very plainly honest and blunt. She will answer if she is asked questions very truthfully, even if the truth hurts. This can be an unattractive feature for Charm, but at the same time, it is one of her strongest traits. It may come in handy one day.



A dusky brown, feminine wolf mutt. Her pelt sports sepia markings and a grey undercoat. She is long-legged and lean, with short fur. Her tail is large and sweeping. She is an excellent leaper and usually can reach five feet when she leaps. This fact is aided from her tall stature. Her right fore-paw is deformed, twisted in an unruly fashion by whatever created her, which brings with it a limp. However, she has an excellent posture, adding height to her already tall frame.


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