Your biggest risk will be the one you don't take,❞ 

Hera is one of the genus of canines, adopting all the fine and unfavorable nations. Regardless of the nasty conditions, she looks up to achieve flawless breed, set vanquish our flaws. Not the muse, not the magnificence, just finite editions. The competence, the capabilities, are infinite. Not scared of the darkness, but the creatures hidden inside. Now, the people have come together, judicious enough to win, without the bloods of bygone.


Name Hera
AnimalJam Username Lethosphere
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"Not yet," A hoarse voice growled from behind, the steppe narrowed his optics as an angelic burnt-sienna canine stepped forward with her head high, ears pointing up with intelligence. The wind roared, the silence broken now as the female ascended forth, laboriously impacting the mere steppe male, as she wrenches her elongated retractable appendage through it's crevical vertebrae.

A growl of wolves behind, the female froze in her tracks as the source of voice let out, "Hera." Hera hopped away gracefully in her tracks as she bow down to her elder; Athena. "Tasting flesh without me? Duh, sister, someone has to pay, don't they?" Athena bellowed. Taking the opportunity, the steppe slipped away from Hera's grip, growling as he lurched at her, his unguis gripping the soil with each step. Hera clasped her unguis throughout his cervical vertebrae, crushing and thrashing the trachea and phalange with a monstrous force.

"Thanks to you," Hera shrieked with sarcasm. "My pleasure," Athena clamped her industrille flantish around her pelage, warming herself up. "Leaving dead or other convictions?" Athena continued with her optics narrowed at Hera, teasingly. As if sensing the meaning, Hera snapped out of the conference as she lurched again at the steppe, unsheathing ang unguis as she instinctively entwined them about the cervical vertebrae, disarticulating companied with ease as Hera gouged her unguis into the lacerated side, abbhorently incapacitating sua foe, sibilating and escalating furthermore spleneticly, crushing it's cleidobrachialis, sanguine fluid cascading from ang constrict pharynx as she snapped the adversary's spinal column astringently.

"Dead, duh," Athena screeched hot heels behind Hera.



Hera is an angelic yet insurmountable canine with burnt-sienna pelage and achromic floccose underbelly. She has darker burnt-sienna highlights over her pelage and pale icy optics, her ears pointing with intelligence.

 ♠ Internal ♠ 

She is piercing at first, but shall join in the fun once she gets to know you. She tends to achieve flawless breeds while trying to get to know more. Side by side, she cares for her fam and will kill. She's loyal, honest and will not hesitate to show her dislike for someone. She has highly organised social structure, enabling herself to enjoy maximum cooperation while hunting, fighting and communicating. 


 ♠ Fighting 

 ♠ Swimming 

 ♠ Herbs 

 ♠ Intelligence 

 ♠ Socializing 

 ♠ Leadership 

 ♠ Loyalty 


Sacrophilia: Hera loves flesh, frankly, alot. She tends to crave blood more than anything but honesty.

Typhlophilia: Hera loves blind, the darkness, loneliness at times. She tries to understand those who do not have the ability to see with this darkness.

Philalethia: Hera also loves people who are true and honest. She has her pride but is not fond of second chances when trust and loyalty bond is broken.

Psychrophilia: She loves winter and obviously, abhores summers. Winter for her, is a season to get to know more and try more than she did before. That just rhymed!


OC Name/Username/Gender/Status

♠ Fam 

Mother[s]: Ellie/Confiidence/F/Alive

Father[s]: Unknown

Siblings[s]: Ace/Communicating/F/Alive





Step Siblings[s]: Athena/NeonRift/F/Alive  

♠ Companions [Trust Rate Included]  

Kleo/Skima/F/Alive [100%]

Unknown/Climber1943/F/TBA [100%]

Unknown/Windstroms/F/Alive [100%]

Adrian/Orientations/M/Alive [100%]

Trial/Zeldasky05/F/Alive [100%]

Unknown/xxstitchxx/F/Alive [98%]

Tiberius/Couregeaux/F/Alive [99.5%]

Fate/xxkenfandtimberx/F/Alive [90%]

Unknown/xTORNoxLOVEo/F/Alive [100%]

Unknown/theswiftlady/M/Alive [95%]

Scream/royalxcanine/F/Alive [100%]

Talia/Jammer87tc4/F/Alive [100%]

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