Red rain drops, they fall from the mortals who deceit me.

Personality Hoax's name speaks for her personality. Her attitude and demeanor often switches by the day. One day she may be somewhat nice, and the next day she may be in her frequent evil mood.
Appearance Beautiful varieties of greys and reds covers this overall captivating, gargantuan canine. Her eyes are a mesmerizing crystal blue hue.
Orientation Hoax has a very light appearance, as she effortlessly persuades everyone she meets that she is nothing but a light realmed, innocent canine. However, her realm is unfathomably dark.
Often described as Deceitful, monster, nice, terrible
Height, breed, and weight 3 ft tall, Canis Lupus, 120 lbs

Have you ever laid down in these beautiful red flowers?

Things to keep in mind when you meet this beast.


Her flowers (Particularly red) are very sacred to her.

She has severe bipolar disorder and anxiety.

She is aware of her bipolar actions and attitudes, don't bring it up to her.

She prefers to stay alone/with one or two close friends, please, don't pressure her into going to public events.

Her summer/autumn/spring coat is different than her winter coat. In winter, her coat is completely white (With exceptions of light colored patches).

Let's look deeper into this, shall we?

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