Drop that, where's my Harley?


Do I really look like a person with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do if I caught it. You know, I... I just do things. The mob has plans, the cops have plans. Gordon's got plans. They're schemers. Schemers trying to control their little worlds. I'm not a schemer.



OC Name Jøker
AnimalJam Username Lethosphere
Previous Username[s]




Wikia Username Sardønyx
Current Group Vigilance
Status Deceased
Current Rank Elite Combatant
Roleplay Advanced Vocabulary
Orientation Extremely Dark
Theme-Song I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

"I wish for a one on one, Athena," The pig-like panthera bellowed, his head held high, no convictions of respect. "You know what you're doing? I'll make you regret this. Joker, step forward!" Athena screenched in a raspy voice accompanied by a mere chuckle.

"Sister, oh sister, control your train of thoughts. Me? With that thing? I'm better off," Joker rasped with a disgusted look. Joker and Athena shared a look before the authortarian canine sighed, "Fine." She bellowed. There was a paltry-eerie silence, as they lunged at each other, ripping off their heads. Joker skyrocketted abroad, ponderously striking mere pig, domineeringly gouging her unguis. Simultaneously, producing impenetrable aperture, lacerating cervical vertebrae.

The pig screeched in agony, his pride digging as Joker instantaneously debilitated the creature causing a roar of the other panthera's, yet, their heads below. "Any other piggy?" Athena joked, her chest rose with pride.

Around 2 of the mutts stepped forward making Joker chuckle humourlessly. "Kleo, Crucifix, step forward!" Athena screamed as Joker shook her head. "Oh, no need sister! I can handle their small tails," Joker said, her eyebrows creased with confusion as she eyed them separately. Athena nodded as the Kleo and Crucifix stepped back while Joker tempted to attack.

A nod, and it began. Their was russtling of leaves, blindly attacking beasts and the eerie silence regardless of being broken, it stayed their permanently.  Joker unsheathed her unguis as she instinctively entwined them about the cervical vertebrae, compressing, disarticulating companied with ease as she gauged her unguis into the lacerated side. She felt a heavy pressure on her back, crushing the first pig's maxilla, she rolled over, abbhorently incapacitating her foe, sibilating and escalating furthermore spleneticly, crushing it's cleidobrachialis.

Sanguine fliud cascading from the constrict pharynx as she snapped her adversary's spinal column astringently. Chuckling as she backed away, feeling grey. "So fine," Athena winked as she stood up, straightening herself. "Hmph?" She glared at the empty space where the pigs sat a few seconds ago, "Like... why so serious?"


Joker is an authoritarian canine with an ebony pelage, pale eyes, demonstrated by her morphological adaptations to hunting large prey, her more gregarious nature, and her highly advanced expressive behaviour. She has fluffy yet dence winter fur, with short underfur and long, coarse guard hairs. She is a highly territorial animal, and generally estabilshes territories far larger than they require to survive in order to assure a steady supply of prey.

Her sense of smell is relatively weakly developed when compared to that of some hunting dog breeds, being able to detect carrion upwind no farther than 2-3 km. Aggressive, or self-assertive are characterized by their slow and deliberate movements, as Joker arches her cervical usually. She tends to be cool at the most un-happening places but will obliterate if challenged or humiliated. 


OC Name/Username/Gender/Status


Matriarch[s]: Katarina/TyrannicalFate/F/Alive

Father[s]: Unknown/Lerleh/M/Alive

Siblings[s]: Jester/Mompop566/Male/Alive

Step Siblings[s]: N/A

 Companions [Trust Rate Included] 

Yin/pingu332/F/Alive [100%]

Omnious/anjelina20774/F/Alive [97%]

Siana/202hh/F/Alive [95%]

Katarina/TyrannicalFate/F/Alive [100%]

Albino/Erosioned/F/Alive [100%]

Nirvana/xxvillainousxx/F/Alive [96%]

Anarchy/royalxkira/F/Alive [99%]

Orin/sinsofsierra/M/Alive [99.999999%]

LionStrike/Maddymoo05/F/Alive [87%]

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Atychiphobia: Joker is scared of failure and humiliation. Thus, she tends to keep it to herself at most and practice otherwise.'

Athazagoraphobia: Joker is also scared of being forgotten or not remembering things herself.'

Catoptrophobia: She also dislikes and otherwise, scared of mirrors. She's afraid of what she might see.'


Ammophilia: Joker likes sandy places and sand. Mostly when she's off duty, she'd rather go somewhere sandy.

Autogynephilia: She is proud of herself as a female. Regardless of the discrimination, she looks up to prove the stereotypes wrong.

Sacrophilia: Joker is also obssessed with flesh and blood. She craves blood but can control herself at most.

Tropophilia: She also loves seasonal extremes of climate as they change, especially autumn and winters as it is harder for her to hunt.



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