"Well... sometimes, I ain't the girl ta talk to. But I've always got an open ear for ya'll. Y'know I care f' ya, dontcha?


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Quinn: IRL

Quinn Is Obotrash/Saltymoon's main canine OC. She is currently inactive. Quinn is an Arctic Wolf.

General InformationEdit


Quinn is a long-furred white Arctic Wolf with piercing, daunting copper eyes. She had a soft black nose that resembles a truffle, in a way. Quinn has slender, long and sharp claws. She has long, durable legs trained to run skillfully, and soft, peach insides of her ears.


Quinn can be secretive and silent, often reserved and quiet. She can also be very friendly and amiable, always showing hospitality and respect to those in her pack. Quinn is loyal and determined, never giving up until it's her only option. She is sharp and able to manipulate others with ease, proving to be a great asset in disguise and spying. Quinn has a habit of talking in a country-like way. She has thick, luscious fur due to being an Arctic Wolf.



Roleplay ExampleEdit

Mundane (General)Edit

Quinn stepped into the sun's warm, soft rays, soaking in its warmth. Her soft peach-like paws hit the ground, and her copper optics surveyed the surroundings. She stretched her claws, making haste for a warm patch of grass. The alabaster wolf laid down, feeling her fur clash with the dainty emerald blades of nature. Hearing her alpha yowl for the attention of the wolves, she turned her head, then rose and approached to hear easier. ::


Amber eyes darting around the mountains, Quinn put her paw down to progress in the snow. Her thick pearly-coloured fur served as a great barrier against the icy, chilly winds that whipped around, buffeting the group of wolves. Glancing at the nefariously cold atmosphere, she noticed a deer laying near an old long-paw retreat. It seemed small and freezing, making it an easy target. When it finally looked up to see Quinn and the wolves, it made a quick attempt to flee, but its weariness was the final downside it got before death claimed it, blood seeping from it and staining the clear snow. Quinn looked up, then flickered her eyes to the group, brightly smiling with her eyes. ::


Quinn released a belligerent, nefarious snarl at her adversary, narrowing her eyes in rage. She was prepared to release her relentless, merciless wrath onto the opponent. The Arctic Wolf released another fearsome growl, then leapt at the opposing wolf. She roughly tried to grasp his flank, biting and digging her teeth into his flesh. He howled in pain, then turned to kick her and knock her off balance and make Quinn release her grip. She snarled in fury, then clawed at his face. As the pattering of heavy paw-steps filled both sides' ears, the female wolf smirked in success. Now it's only a matter of time! She thought, watching as he flitted in fear, snarling and snapping his teeth as if telling her 'I'll be back!'. ::


I, Quinn, promise to defend Hounds Of Odious with my life. Though we may go seperate ways, I vow that if we do one day meet in battle I will defend you, even for shame, disloyalty and all. I will serve Odious with my whole being - with loyalty, care and utmost respect. I will never turn my back on a pack-mate in need, and always try my hardest to help my dear pack.

-Quinn's Loyalty Oath

The best pack mate isn't the one that catches the most prey or kills the most enemies. It's the one who would give their all for their pack, and would never leave any behind.


Skill SetsEdit

Communication/Social 4.3/10
Agility 6.2/10
Speed 5/10
Loyalty 9.9/10
Hearing 7/10
Leadership 6.5/10
Herbs 2/10
Resistance 8/10
Stealth 10/10
Swimming 4/10



Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Pups: None


To be filled in

Theme SongEdit

General: The Greatest - Sia

Battle: Survivor - Destiny's Child

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