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1 Introduction

A rogue trekked through the dark forest as a labyrinth of branches and thorns dug deep into their scrawny body, agony consuming their every step. Hunger drove them further into the forest, and closer to their inevitable demise. Ominous clouds claimed the sky as rain began to pour down across the land, heavily flooding rivers and streams ahead of him. At last, the rogue could take no more and collapsed along the banks of the swelling streams. As he looked at the water, the senseless rogue caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure. Their eyes shot up to find a pair of alabaster eyes coming from the darkness. The cold fall breeze blew fallen leaves into the hound's line of vision, covering his view for only seconds. When he looked back at where the figure once stood, nothing was there.

"Looking for me?" a powerful voice asked.

Startled, the rogue flew onto their feet and searched around for the voice. At last, he found whom the voice belonged to. To his right was a monumental wolf with a crimson pelt. Spots of achromatic glistened under the alluring moonlight as her ebony underbelly blended in with the surrounding area. Her face and neck was riddled with scars. She stood at a tall height, easily towering him. The most terrifying part of this wolf however was their teeth. Nothing but long, dagger like fangs stuck out of her mouth, causing her obsidian lips to recede, only exposing more teeth'.

"How dare you tread upon my pack's territory?!?! The punishment is death and I assure you, I'll make it quick and painful." the wolf spoke infuriated.

The rogue gazed at this wolf's ghostly alabaster eyes before making a fatal remark.

"That's alot of talk coming from a blind wolf like yourself whose too afraid to state their name. I'd watch it if I were you." he sneered.

"And that's alot of talk coming from a scrawny rogue who's now to die and will never be missed. I warned you of the punishment and will carry it out as I promised. The name's Sphinx, and your body will be an example of what happens when you trifle with me." she responded.

Without further delay, Sphinx immersed her fangs into his neck, wrenching their head upwards. She threw him into the flooding waters and weighed him down under in until he stopped struggling. Dragging him onto land, Sphinx twisted his neck completely and tore out his largest and sharpest fang.

"There are two types of creatures who roam this earth. Those who kill and reap the benefits, and those who die trying. You fell into the wrong category."


Name: Sphinx

Username: wolf58201

Status: Active

Species: Timber wolf

Pack/Clan/Tribe: Northern Stride

Rank: Guardian

Teeth Collected: 38

Total teeth count: 80

Age: 24 moons/ 2 years

Orientation: Neutral

Mate: None

Extra: Sphinx only collects the largest and sharpest of her enemies teeth to make her mouth look as if it were lined with daggers.


Sphinx is an crimson canine with an ebony underbelly and achromatic spots. She has several scars across her face and ghostly alabaster eyes due to her blindness. Her senses are heightened to an extreme due to this. She is a stands at a towering height of 5"2 due to extreme training and genes from her parents. Sphinx is built to withstand the most brutal attacks. She has lethal nails and dagger like teeth that are as hard as steel. In all, Sphinx has 80 teeth that cause her lips to permanently recede back. 


Sphinx is a quiet wolf. She is mysterious and anti-social, yet wise and understanding. Not much is known about her since she doesn't speak often, only to respond to orders given. Do not underestimate her because of her silence however, she is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. It is a deadly mistake to mention her blindness, as her sight was taken from her in the only fight she ever lost. Whenever something is said to her about this, Sphinx becomes infuriated and will not send you of without a painful warning.  She is very friendly to family and friends and will do most anything to protect them. You have been warned.


The young pup, known as Sphinx, watched silently as her fellow rogues ate away at the scraps of garbage she had found. By the time they were finished, nothing but a moldy piece of bread was left for her to eat. Irritated, Sphinx wandered off on her own to scavenge again for something to satisfy her hunger. She desperately wanted to join her sister Lethe, but she knew how Lethe's reason for leaving her behind was a mystery. On several occasions, she attempted to find her, but she got lost every time and had to turn back. Sighing, Sphinx found a plump rabbit and ate it. She headed back to camp where the leader was waiting.

"Where did you go?" he asked impatiently.

"Hunting. What's it to you?" Sphinx scoffed, looking him straight into his eyes.

"And you didn't bring us back anything. You're just like your selfish mother.  No wonder your Lethe left you behind." he said coldly.

"Lethe had her own reasons to leave." Sphinx snapped. She didn't want to admit she had no idea why Lethe left. "Just like I have a reason to." Sphinx spoke before charging at his leg and sinking her fangs into it.

He cried in pain before grabbing Sphinx and flinging her against a stone. Enraged, Sphinx stood up and staggered towards him, blood streaming down her pelt. The leader charged and lashed his jagged, un-kept nails across her face, deeply embedding them into her emerald green eyes. Darkness consumed Sphinx as she stumbled backwards. Panic set in as she realized what had happened.

"Run far away, like the little blind runt you are." he laughed.

"I'll make you pay for this. Lethe and I won't stop until you're dead." Sphinx said as her voice began to crack. With that, she turned around and ran off never to see or be seen again.

Sphinx soundlessly stalked across the land, coming to a ledge close to where her former rogue pack sat and ate. She had grown to a voluminous height just like her parents and was built to withstand brutal attacks. Her lips were receded due to the tremendous amount of teeth she had come to collect. Her mouth had come to hold 79 teeth, all in which were the longest and sharpest fangs her opponents had. She took their teeth as a trophy each time she won a battle. Lethe had found and trained her for this ever since the day she was blinded. Before descending from the ledge, Sphinx pressed her muzzle against Lethe's neck for reassurance. "This is what you trained for. Don't stop know." Lethe said quietly as she nudged Sphinx.

With that, Sphinx leapt of the ledge and sauntered directly in front of the rogues.

"Who are you and how dare you disturb our meal?!?!" the leader of the group bellowed.

"Don't tell me you don't remember me. After all, you're the one who stole my sight." Sphinx replied, parting her brawny jaws to reveal her rows of long, sharp, ivory fangs.  

The leader hesitated before carefully replying, 

"So you're the little blind runt Sphinx. I thought you died a long time ago."

"I found my sister and trained her. Now, we're here to finish." Lethe spoke as she emerged from the forest, her powerful voice drawing him into her spell.

"Huh. You didn't abandon her after all. You should've let her die and rejoined us. Together we would've been unstoppable." he spoke completely hypnotized, moving just inches away from her face.

Sphinx chuckled then lunged forward, embedded her fangs into the leader's neck. Lethe grabbed his muzzle and tore it upwards, extending the spine. She weighed him down as Sphinx snapped his neck at a sharp angle, hearing a crack. Sphinx then parted his jaws and ripped out the two longest and sharpest fangs he had, adding the 80th tooth to her collection. She gave the other fang to Lethe. Her revenge was finally complete. The rest of the rogues backed away in sheer terror as Sphinx and Lethe sprinted away into the forest.

Their pack was awaiting them.



Full credit to original artists


Sphinx art. Credit to Climber1943 :)