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✯P A R I A H✯
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·an outcast.


Boom. Boom.

The steady beating of your thundering heartbeat roared loudly in your ears, the heat in your blood, the adrenaline was rushing throughout your body, a cool and exciting movement controlling your actions. As your paws thudded harshly across the cool and damp terrain, your mouth opened a bit wider, a thick set of drool dripped over your parched, cracked black lips, and instead of soothing they burned as the wind whipped through the cracks, tearing them even more causing a touch of blood to taint the transparent saliva into a pinkish clear goo. As your thick, long strides pushed you further into the dense thick of forest, the damp, squishy mud clawed its way up your feet, legs, the cool claw grasping, tearing, slowing down your run. The noise was absolutely horrid, a sucking, needing noise that seemed to drag you down even more so than the mud itself. Your thick set muscles rippled as you continued on through the horrid conditions.


The opposing wolf was closing in, her rich midnight black coat was flowing freely, her monstrous paws crushed the twigs heavily underfoot, the uneasing red tint making your mind picture only what it took her to do to create that color. Your own large paws were beginning to ache, the mud was caking itself deep in the cracks and crevices of your pads, the twigs you had been running freely over had left tiny painful mementos carving out new memories, reopening old scars, and placing their splintered heads into the rough skin you previously viewed as impenetrable. Your lungs were burning, your breaths were getting harder to come by. That’s when your pace slowed down, uncontrollably, helplessly you slowed, the race seeming pointless now as the wolf accelerated with a new set of adrenalin pulsing its way throughout her, causing her to catch up in mere moments. As she caught up to you, her heavy paws planted their way directly upon your tired shoulders, even more pain being summoned with just a slight touch. You landed on your spine, your soft stomach was exposed to the cool and crisp air.

Her soft muzzle breached your bubble of space, and as her whiskers tickled your cheek, you heard her dreaded speech.

“You should’ve kept running love.. The forest can’t last forever.. You were so close..”

She paused.

Breath in.

Breath out.

Her heavy paw landed on your abdominal region, and in a quick spur you coughed up a mixture of saliva and blood onto her smooth face. The second you did it, you knew it was a mistake, but you still continued to cough it up, this time more on yourself than the female. Her putrid breath intermingled with the clean scents of the forest, overwhelming your senses. Her shiny, pearly fangs smiled menacingly down upon you, and a cold feeling of dread and fear crawled up your spine, it’s spiky fingers sticking inside, yanking out all feeling of warmth, trust, and happiness. Fear was the main feeling. And pain.

Pain. Pain. Pain.

It all felt surreal, to you. Laying here. Under a wolf. Dying. How funny?

She lowered her head until her nose was brushed against your neck, her eyes, bright, cold, and icy blue were directly below yours. She blinked, her eyelashes giving butterfly kisses to your cheek, tickling you, and even more fear burst into your body.

“It’s night time sweetie.. I hope you pray the lord your soul to keep. For if you should die before you wake..”

That was it. That was all she had to say.

Quietly, you responded, a simple word, a pointless word. Meaningless. In a rasping breath, stuttering teeth you managed to grasp,


Pointless still. No meaning.

It was night time.

She raised her large paw, even more red now, and slightly stained and stuck to her skin instead of free flowing, her shiny, pearly black nails were stained too.


No more pain.

It was time to sleep.

Night time.

Name Pariah
Founded 30/04/17 {DD/MM/YY}
Founder Creaitx.
Status Active.
Affiliation The Mistaken Empire.
Orientation Fluid, but preferred dark.
Style Advanced vocabulary & descriptive traditional.
Gender Female.
Species Groenendael X Cascade Mountain Wolf.
Description Pariah is a notably large black mix, with her long legs, aerodynamic frame, squared paws, and free flowing fur, she is a prime example of speed. Her pelt is mainly a deep black, with a few abnormalities consisting of red hued markings over her bodice, a genetic trait inherited by her dominant genes of the cascade mountain wolf, a red tinted wolf. Her most vivid trait inherited from the groenendael are her heightened legs, and long, silky fur. The one trait opposing her overall darkened demeanor are her large, icy blue eyes.
Rank Sentinel.
Mate Lol no.
Theme Song
Machine Gun Kelly - At My Best (Audio) ft

Machine Gun Kelly - At My Best (Audio) ft. Hailee Steinfeld





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