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Persona is a multispecies group that is majorly polytheistic. Persona is made up by the Vulpes vulpes (fox) and Canis Lupus Familiaris (wolf) species. This Pack is ultimately unique in the fact that the assailant hierarchy, intelligence hierarchy, predatory hierarchy, and the Shaman hierarchy are not determined by the said member’s external build but by their personalities.

There is no set leadership in Persona. Each hierarchy section can be considered its own Pack and has its own unique function, disciplinary guidelines, and everyday routine. These hierarchies are called Cohorts. Each Cohort is classified by the hierarchy name, such as the Intelligence Cohort, Assailant Cohort, etc.

Maharajahs are set over each Cohort, and are to be considered the unofficial alpha of their group. They have no definite leadership over their Cohort but are highly respected and seen as the ‘parent’ figure of their group. 

Each Cohort can have separate religions, pointing back to the early statement of the group being polytheistic. Cohorts are completely individual but must bring the bulk of their collections, such as prey (Predatory Cohort), battle developments (Assailant Cohort), herbs (Shaman Cohort), and findings (Intelligence Cohort) at a sacred Gathering set on the night of the half moon. This night is known as the month’s Luna Truce night, where all Cohorts meet together in the center of their forest.

In battle, Persona’s Cohorts unite, but otherwise, are completely independent.