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This is Our Kingdom.


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Nøctem & Eyota

Current Leader ech
Recruiting? Yes
Active? Inactive
Tag Color

Dark Blue

Theme Song TBD
Page Editor flwkfkfkd

monarch x2

aristocrat x1

lord x2

arch wizard x1

wizard x3

assistant x1

baron x3

knight xunlimited

squire xunlimited

damsel xunlimited

tykes xunlimited

elders xunlimited



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♤Coat of Arms♤

The Coat of Arms is also known as the tag color and badge that you, as a member of Royal, must have on at all times. However, if you are a nonmember on Animal Jam, it is not required. The tag color and badge of Royal members is dark blue with the wing badge.


Drama is not tolerated in Royal, just like any other group. Although roleplay drama (to an EXTENT) is fine, drama outside of such (i.e. arguments, not listening to high ranks, attempts to get another member to be exiled) is not accepted and may result in demotion/exile.


You can leave Royal a maximum of twice. The third time you attempt to join, you will be rejected and not welcomed back.

♤Begging for Ranks♤

This act is not tolerated whatsoever. Not only is it annoying, but it shows your impatience in Royal. All high ranks given to certain members are earned by those members. It's one thing to privately ask one of the Monarchs if you may challenge for ranks or ask about the possibility of becoming a certain rank; it is another to say you believe you "deserve X rank."

♤Double Grouping♤

Like all groups, this is not acceptable and results in immediate exile. Not only is it a regulation in Royal not to double group, but it is also a basic moral in roleplay overall.

♤Joining Trial♤

Each new member to join Royal is given a one week joining trial; you must reside in Royal for a week before you leave for you to be welcomed back. This week is also a test of your loyalty and dedication to Royal, and to see how active you are overall.



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