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❝Life is simple, unfortunately, we just insist on making it complicated.❞

Name Sapphiregaze
Roleplayer Snakes1
Roleplay style Descriptive Traditional
Gender Female
Partner N/A

Romantic Interest

Sundance (Skima)
Affiliation PacificClan
Position Warrior

Sexual Orientation

Age 3 years
Status Active
Species & Breed Felis Catus, Maine Coon


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❝If you never blink, you will always see the true facade.❞



Sapphiregaze's coat consists of a pearly white, with a dark, sandy undercoat that reaches from her stomach up to her chest, with white splotches surrounding most of her hazel undercoat.


Her eyes are what inspired her name. They are like two pairs of beautiful, shimmering sapphires that glimmer in the sunlight.


Her tail is very thin and entirely covered in a snowy-white hue.


Brown creeps up from the tip of her paws halfway up her legs. Yet both of her front paws are a pure white.

  • Sapphiregaze (In-game)
  • Sapphiregaze (Real-life)



For her age, Sapphiregaze has a maturity that is beyond many cats, and she is capable of understanding her own purpose, as well as others.


Sapphiregaze always keeps her intelligence and maturity to herself, and rarely ever speaks, unless necessary or with a trusted friend.


When she needs to, Sapphiregaze can be very firm and will hold her ground. She is not shaken by insults or any type of bullying/mistreatment in any shape or form.


It is rumored that Sapphiregaze is a psychic, she has always believed in the paranormal and has very unusual yet accurate visions of the present or near future.


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"Dying is easy, living is harder."

These will all change as different events occur during Sapphiregaze's life.


Fighting 5/10
Hunting 7/10
Swimming 8/10
Stealth 6/10
Climbing 4/10
Mothering 8/10



Awareness 7/10
Anger 4/10
Contentment 2/10
Sadness 6/10
Energy 7/10
Lunacy 2/10


Self control 8/10
Intelligance 9/10
Herbal Intelligance 7/10
Strategy 6/10


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"Those who are perfect will never make a mistake to learn from"


Thick furred:

Despite living in a tropical climate, Sapphiregaze has extremely thick fur. Therefor, when swimming her pelt can hold her down due to the thickness.

Lack of strength:

Because of never really engaging in any physical fights, or training in some sorts, therefor Sapphiregaze is quite lithe and lissome. So then when it comes to sparring or a battle, she is always lacking strength, and unwilling to hurt others.



Due to her wisdom that is far beyond her age, Sapphiregaze has found it difficult to communicate with others. This also leads her to believe that she is the only one with a piece of mind, and the only one who truly understands existence and its purpose.


Sapphiregaze is extremely quiet and will always conceal her true emotions. Here and there you will see an odd example of affection or panic, but it's quite rare.


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"They all say, family first friends second, yet your friends are your family"

Name, username, gender, trust, residence, gender, affilation

Sundance, Skima, female, 97%, PacificClan, romantic interest

Sharkstar, Heavydirtysøuls, female, 89%, PacificClan, friend/leader

Stormcry, lek82005, female, 67%, PacificClan, good friend

Conchpaw, scarletwitchy, male, 42%, PacificClan, acquaintance

Troutsplash, scarletfox78, male, 68%, PacificClan, good friend


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"Dreams go a size to big, so we can grow into them"

Train 3 apprentices:

Sapphiregaze loves to teach and mentor, and finds joy in training and teaching others.

Have a kit:

Despite Sapphiregaze's cold, and wise personality, she's seeking for a kit, even if it's adopted.

Become a medicine cat:

After having a kit, Sapphiregaze will most likely want to become a medicine cat or medicine cat apprentice.

Learn all herbs that exist:

Since Sapphire is an absolute nerd, she wants to know everything. She wants to know everything there is to know, that's all there is to it.

Explore the ocean that surrounds Wetpaw Island:

Sapphiregaze has always been quite adventurous and loves to explore all of her unknown surroundings and the wildlife around her.


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"Those who speak ill of you are just telling their own story"

Opinions of Sapphiregaze from other members of PacificClan

"Sapphiregaze is a cat whom I have an undying love for, she is my heart, my soul, and more.


"Sapphiregaze is truly beautiful cat, with great intelligence and power"


"Sapphiregaze is a great feline, and her love for Sundance is extremely (cute) special."


"Don't know her too well, but I think she's a good cat. Probably trustworthy."


Sapphiregaze's opinions of other members of PacificClan

"Sharkstar is a very capable, and impressive leader. She has so much potential and is overral, she's a great cat."

"Sundance is beautiful and talented, and I would be overjoyed to be her mate"

"Hurricanegust is a noble, brave cat and she makes a great warrior"

"Trouthsplash is very friendly, but I don't know him too well yet"


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