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Status Inactive, deceased character
Roleplayed By Warriorcatsivyleaf
Gender Tom (Male)
Age 56 moons at death
Residence The Dark Forest (current)
SpruceClan (past)
StormClan (past)
SilentClan (past)
Rogue (past)
Rank Leader: ScreechStar
Warrior: ScreechEagle
Rogue: Screech
Mentor None
Trainee RubyShard
Mate Storm (she-cat/doggil/StormClan)
BlueSpirit (she-cat/Sinsofsierra/SpruceClan)
FallenSnow (she-cat/mompop566/SpruceClan)
BlueSpirit (she-cat/Sinsofsierra/SpruceClan)
Mother Unknown She-cat
Father Unknown Tom
Brothers CanyonSwoop (tom/Warriorcatsivyleaf/tan lynx)
Kairo (tom/Warriorcatsivyleaf/snow lynx)
Sisters CinderStar (she-cat/Madjastered/black lynx)
Sons ScreechClaw (tom/halounsc34/lynx-cat hybrid)
Daughters Unkown/Can't remember(?)
Grand-Sons Dustfeather (tom/Warriorcatsivyleaf/caracal)
Grand-Daughters None
Extra Info
Personality ScreechStar is insane, and cares about nothing but his own survival and himself. He is a player, and extremely flirtatious- charms anyone on the spot. He will either terrify you on the first impression, or flirt. Either one is horrible, and if you get on his bad side, bad things will happen. Once you're on his bad side, you don't get off of it - of course, unless you die. He hates kits- despises them - even if they are his own kin. He is murderous and will do anything it takes to rise to the top.
History Screech(Star) was born in the canyons with his three siblings: Kairo, Canyon (Star), and Cinder (Star). All four were destined for leadership, but ScreechStar was second in line for any throne after his brother, Canyon. His father and mother had abandoned them, leaving them to be found by members of a clan known as VenomClan. They were raised there, and eventually, they all split up. Screech and Canyon went to make a new clan known as SilentClan, where Canyon became CanyonSwoop and then CanyonStar. Screech became ScreechEagle, and was a simple warrior. This infuriated him. Kairo left to the mountains, where a snow lynx was more suitable, to create a family of his own. Cinder left for the North, the same way Kairo had gone, and wasn't seen again for a long time. When Fauna, CanyonStar's deputy, rose to the rank, ScreechEagle was angered. He began to go spy on VenomClan, who was now SilentClan's enemy, and eventually fell in love with a she-cat known as Storm, who later became Stormstar, leader of VenomClan. He left SilentClan shortly after his brother's demise- which he had witnessed. His brother had fallen from the cliff of a canyon and had died on impact of the ground. SilentClan had then disbanded, and StormStar allowed Screech to join after he had changed his name back to Screech. He was assigned to mentor Bluepaw (Sinsofsierra) and, unfortunately, fell in love with her, too, as they grew closer. When Bluepaw nearly died, he realized who he had to be with: her. He broke ends off with StormStar, leaving her upset with him and left her with no trust for Screech. Bluepaw and Screech left to create SpruceClan- a clan that any cat could join to start a new beginning. Its purpose was to be a safe haven for both Silentclan and Venomclan cats. And eventually, they began to join. ScreechStar made Mistclaw (bmjw11) his deputy, and they lead the clan with pride. ScreechStar broke ends off with BlueSpirit after he met FallenSnow (Mompop566) and fell in love with her. WIP
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