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Welcome to ThistleClan!

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You padded through the forest on light paws, your senses alert. You had been walking around the woods for days, your stomach was empty and your paws were close to falling off from the pain. You were a rogue. There was nothing more to it. As you kept going, you got sleepier and sleepier, and you could hardly keep your eyes open. Maybe I'll rest for a bit you thought, laying down under the shadow of a tall oak tree. You closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep.


You finally awoke, your recent dreams whirring in your head. You couldn't say you had a bad nap... you just had one of the best naps you've ever had! But there was a slight problem. You didn't wake up under the shadow of a huge oak tree. You woke up under the shadow of a small structure built out of sticks, hay, and leaves. Your eyes widened as you started shaking slightly. Where in StarClan's name am I?! you whined in your head, not knowing what to do. Just as you were planning how to escape from this strange place, a she-cat strolled into the structure, locking her azure gaze on you. She was a sleek silver tabby with a shiny pelt.

"Greetings," she meowed "I am Mistystar, leader of ThistleClan."

You knew you had heard something about 'Clans', but you weren't sure where you got the knowledge from. As you were lost in an endless train of thought, Mistystar just stared at you awkwardly.

"O...Oh, I'm sorry..." you stuttered, clearly embarrassed. "My name is (y/n).."

"Well, hello (y/n). I'm sorry if you feel uncomfortable, confused or scared due to the strange surroundings. My dawn patrol found you sleeping under a tree in our territory. Care to explain what you're doing here?" Mistystar spoke in a skeptical tone, tilting her head to her side.

"I've been walking around the forest for days now..." you started, recalling recent events in your mind. "I'm a rogue."

"I see..." Mistystar began, her gaze darting off to another direction thoughtfully.

As she was thinking, you got a crazy idea. What if you asked her to join ThistleClan? Being a rogue is quite lonely... You quickly opened your mouth to speak, eager to hear her answer.

"Can... can I joi-" your sentence was cut off by the voice of a smaller ashen tom.

"Looks like you finally woke up." he mewed, smirking. He then turned his head to his leader.

"Salutations, Mistystar." he greeted her, dipping his head in respect.

"Why, hello, Riverpaw," Mistystar meowed cheerfully, "Need anything?"

"No, not really, I just wanted to see if our visitor woke up", Riverpaw said as he turned his head back to you.

"Well, you have your answer. Now, (y/n), what were you saying?" Mistystar inquired, taking her eyes off the tom.

Now, you were really embarassed. You knew it would be hard asking Mistystar if you could join her Clan, but now you had to ask you question in front of Mistystar and Riverpaw?!

Taking a deep breath, you finally got the courage to speak up.

"Can I join your Clan?!" you squealed excitedly.

The two other cats exchanged glances and practically read each other's minds.

"Of course you can join!" Mistystar mewed happily. "ThistleClan has a reputation of always inviting cats in need into our Clan."

After a quick discussion with the two cats, you bolted out of the structure, ecstatic about meeting all of the other cats.


ThistleClan is filled with strong and experienced cats who are built to live in the wild. The Clan's territory is mostly heavy woodland with a few small clearings used for training. ThistleClan cats are trained to hunt a wide variety of prey such as voles, mice, thrushes, doves and the occasional rabbit. The cats are taught to live by the Warrior Code from their first day of kithood, to their last days of elderhood. ThistleClan are always ready to take in cats in need of help no matter their status in the forest.


Leader Mistystar
Founder Butterflybee (Mistystar)



ThistleClan try to keep away from battle,

resulting in a calm and peaceful character.

Recruiting Yes, of course!
Orientation Neutral
Prey Voles, thrushes, mice, pigeons, rabbits, magpies



Ninjakittygoalie's den (roleplay in Butterflybee's den

if you are not buddies with the camp den owner)



Serapia Forest, Lost Temple of Zios,

Mount. Shiveer, Kimbara Outback, Crystal Sands

Server Sawtooth
Nametag Black or silver with a paw print stamp



StarClan and the Place of No Stars (you will

not be forced to believe in these)



August 12,


Roleplay Traditional, advanced vocab is slightly encouraged


20 and growing rapidly
Season Leaf-bare
Prey Beginning to decrease


All times in PT (Pacific Time)

Roleplay Schedule

This schedule isn't strict, and we are not using it at the moment. You may roleplay at any time if others are online.

Weekday schedule (not updated from summertime yet, will be discussed)


Start Break End
Times 9:00 a.m. PT 1:00-1:45 p.m. PT No time limit for roleplay,

go on as long as you want!

Weekend schedule

Sun-Sat Start Break Finish
Times 10:00 a.m. PT 1:30- 2:30 p.m. PT

No time limit

for roleplay!

Patrol Schedule

Applies to both weekends and weekdays (weekday patrol schedules will be discussed)

9:00 a.m. PT 10:00 a.m. PT 11:00 a.m. PT 12:00 a.m. PT
1 Hunting Patrol 1 Hunting Patrol 1 Hunting Patrol 1 Hunting Patrol
1 Border Patrol 1 Border Patrol 1 Border Patrol 1 Border Patrol


Please note that the Clan Updates will be updated monthly.

Congratulations to the newest kits, apprentices, and warriors!
ThistleClan's camp den has been set to Butterflybee's Den
ThistleClan will be recruiting daily, find out how to join below!
Congratulations to Greenwillow for becoming deputy!


Accepted Clothing

This can work for both members and non-members.

Head Neck Body Tail Paws
Fox Hat Leaf Necklace Elf Armor Elf Tail Armor Elf Bracelets
Raccoon Hat Spiked Collar Spartan Armor - Leaf Bracelets
Flower Crown Lei Bow and Arrows - -
Skull Helmet - Pirate Sword - -
- - Worn Blanket - -

Did we forget something? Put your ideas for our attire in the comments!

Accepted Pelt and Eye Colors

File:Accepted Pelt.jpg
These are the accepted pelt colors. Although some colors may be slightly unnatural (like the blues and reds), they are still allowed. Please stick to these colors when making your OCs (Original Characters) or you will get a warning. If you have any suggestions for additional colors, please comment down below with a reason.

File:Eye Colors.jpg

These are the accepted eye colors. As you can see, they are much less strict than the pelt colors. Unnatural colors such as pinks and purples have been taken out due to obvious reasons. If your OC is blind by any chance, feel free to use the white and gray colors for your eyes. As with the pelt colors, if you have any suggestions for additional colors, please comment down below with a reason.

Accepted Patterns

The only banned pattern is the heart pattern. Every other pattern is allowed, but whether or not we will allow moon and leaf patterns will be discussed.


Click on each link to learn more about our amazing cats! Scroll down to see basic information about them.

Leaders (1/3)

Deputies (2/3)

Medicine Cats

None for now. Feel free to apply for the rank in the comments if you know herbs!




Allegiances will be updates biweekly (twice every week). The allegiances will change whenever someone joins, ranks up, or is exiled.


The leaders are the most respected cats in the Clan. They have proved themselves as strong and loyal cats, therefore they have received their rank. It is the leaders' job to lead the Clan and make important decisions. ThistleClan will be accepting three leaders at a time.

Name Username Description Age Lives Mate
Mistystar Butterflybee

Beautiful silver tabby


with azure eyes

20 moons 8/9 N/A


These cats are next in line to become leaders. They have worked hard to earn their rank and have proved to be worthy of soon claiming the leader status. They usually help the leader organise patrols and do other jobs. ThistleClan will be accepting three deputies at a time.

Name Username Description Age Mate
Greenwillow s8678 A lean and lithe silver and white

tabby she-cat with a light grey

underbelly, a dark tail tip

and ears, as well as intelligent

pale green eyes.

18 Moons N/A


ThistleClan's only Medicine Cat, Quietstream, has gone away and not returned for over a month. We will now be accepting anyone who would like to be a Medicine Cat if they know herbs.


Warriors are taught to fight and protect their Clan. This is the basic rank you need to get higher ranks such as deputy and leader. Once they are appointed, they must keep a silent vigil for one night. These cats may mentor their own apprentices as well.

Name Username Description Age Mate
Crimsonclaw Riverclawe Jet-black she-cat

with silver eyes

26 moons N/A
Mudfur sofaloaf26 Black she-cat with

white underbelly

and brown patches

12 moons N/A
Sugartail Jatter White tom with a

walnut brown underbelly,

tawny patches, and

greenish-blue eyes

12 moons N/A
Sandclaw lukin15 A banana-yellow she-cat

with a white underbelly

and green eyes

12 moons N/A
Brokenwing Infernofireblast A handsome dark tabby tom

with piercing golden eyes

22 moons N/A
Mapleleaf freddychicabonnie87 A walnut brown she-cat with a lighter underbelly and dark eyes N/A N/A


Apprentices are mentored by warriors or medicine cats to receive higher ranks. If they want to be a warrior, they must learn how to hunt and fight. If they want to become a medicine cat, they must learn all there is to know about herbs and healing. Apprentices are expected to do different jobs in the Clan, such as replace the elders' bedding and check them for ticks.

Name Username Description Age Mentor
Turtlepaw Peaches5050 A light brown she-cat

with a lighter underbelly

and dark blue eyes

10 moons N/A
Darkpaw Awesomeness3334 A jet-black tom with

an ashen underbelly and

striking green eyes

8 moons Crimsonclaw
Riverpaw Caroconn A grey tom with a blue-gray


10 moons Mistystar


Kits are the youngest and newest members of the Clan. They must always stay in the camp with their mothers. Kits will be able to become apprentices once they are six moons old.

Name Username Description Age Queen
Willowkit Starrycookie A she-kit with a tan pelt

with light brown patches and

luminous yellow eyes.

3 moons N/A
Nightkit beaniehutini138 A small, jet-black she-kit with

azure eyes

1 moon N/A
Ivykit bunnydancer1 A big she-kit with a brown pelt and ivy-colored eyes 1


Oakkit koalafriend3 A small she-kit with brown fur and darker furred patches with yellow eyes 1




Queens are she-cats with kits. They must stay in the nursery to raise their kits until they are old enough to become warrior or medicine cat apprentices.

Name Username Description Age Kit(s) Mate
Eclipse penguinlover179

A walnut-brown she-cat

with golden eyes

32 moons




(Died from a rogue)

  • All kits must be bunnies
  • All apprentices must be foxes (or bunnies, if you are a non-member)
  • All warriors, deputies, medicine cats and leaders must be wolves (not arctic wolves)


ThistleClan's territory lies in the server Sawtooth. We own the lands Serapia Forest, Mt. Shiveer, Kimbara Outback, Crystal Sands and The Lost Temple of Zios. If any other cats trespass on our territory, prepare to challenge them.

Serapia Forest

We use this land to hunt for our prey. Since it's a dense forest, the prey is plentiful there, although it does decrease when leaf-bare arrives. This is the most important land to us due to the prey.

The Lost Temple of Zios

This is the land we use for training apprentices. Because it is a clearing, it is a great place for apprentices to practice their fighting skills.

Kimbara Outback

This is another great place to mentor apprentices. Even though there isn't much prey here, it is still a good place to hunt for mice and other rodents.

Mount. Shiveer

Mount. Shiveer is a great place to hunt for animals that spend most of their time in the snow. It is less likely for twolegs to come up to the mountains, therefore Mount. Shiveer is a fantastic place to stay away from twolegs.

Crystal Sands

This is where most of the fish is hunted. Apprentices are taught how to hunt underwater prey here and it is also a wonderful place for them to practice their skills due to the soft, sandy floor.

Jamaa Township

Jamaa Township is Twolegplace. Twolegplace must be avoided at all costs as twolegs may cause us harm.


Here is the list of rules you must follow in and out of roleplay. If you break a strict rule, you will be punished.


This is one of those strict rules. If you are found to be in two Clans at once, even with different OCs, the punishment will be strong per say. If you are in two Clans at once and you are found guilty, you must quit one, or both of them, although it will most probably affect your chances in attempting to join other Clans.


Powerplaying isn't a strict rule, and you won't be strongly punished for it, but you must follow it. If you don't know what powerplaying is, it's basically ending someone in one small scratch. If you do powerplay, please keep in mind that you are taking the fun out of roleplay for everyone else.

Excess Drama

Don't be a drama queen. It can be quite annoying when someone is always trying to be the center of attention. Breaking this rule will not result in strong punishments, but there will be other smaller consequences.


This is a strict rule. Disrespecting higher ranks such as leaders, deputies and medicine cats can result in strong punishments. Keep in mind that some cats earned their ranks, so disrespecting them for their hard work would be very childish.


During roleplay sessions, it is advised you do not use latin or advanced vocabulary. Many terms may confuse players who have not studied latin, making roleplay hard for everyone. Although you can use any kind of vocabulary you want, please keep in mind that not everyone will know what you're talking about.


If you will be going on vacation or will not be able to roleplay at least three times a week, please inform the leader. If you do not tell the leader, an exile might be planned as ThistleClan cats must be as active as possible.


Although you are allowed to choose your own name, there are some regulations. Your name must not end in the word 'star' for obvious reasons. Secondly, it is advised that you use names that could be said even with restricted chat.

Warrior Code

As mentioned earlier, ThistleClan cats follow the Warrior Code. Breaking the Code will result in punishments depending on the rule. Here is a quick reminder for anyone who's forgotten.

  1. Defend your Clan, even if it puts you in danger. It's okay to have friends from other Clans, but your loyalty must stay in your own Clan.
  2. Never hunt or trespass on other Clan's territory
  3. Queens, elders, and kits must eat before any other cat. If any other cat gets sick or injured, they may eat with the elders, queens, and kits.
  4. Prey is hunted only for eating. Thank StarClan for its life.
  5. Kits must be no younger than six moons to become apprentices.
  6. New warriors must keep a silent vigil after they are named.
  7. A cat may not become deputy if she or he hasn't mentored at least one other cat.
  8. The deputy becomes the leader when the old leader dies or is exiled.
  9. When the Clan has no deputy, the next deputy must be chosen before moon high
  10. Every full moon, all four Clans have a Gathering. Fighting is strictly prohibited at this time.
  11. No cat must ignore a kit in danger, even if it's from another Clan.
  12. The leader's word is law.
  13. A warrior should not need to kill any other cats in battle, only if the opponent is a danger to others.
  14. Boundaries should be marked daily.
  15. The life of a kittypet must be rejected and ignored by any cat.
  16. Clans must help each other and keep balance in the forest.


Group Name:

Leader's Username:

Deputy's Username:

Link to Page:


How Will You Benefit Us?:

How Will We Benefit You?:




Age (in moons):

Have you read the Warriors series?:

Description (looks):

Do you have a mate?:

Do you have an OC page? If so, link it here:

What other groups have you been a part of?:

Roleplay Example:

Picture of OC:

How did you find out about us?:

Extra Notes and Rules For Joining

  • Please don't ask to become a leader, medicine cat, or deputy. You must work hard to obtain those ranks.
  • Although you may not ask to become a medicine cat, you may ask to be a medicine cat apprentice.
  • You may have three OCs in ThistleClan, meaning you can enter into different ranks with different cats.

Although having an OC page will help, it is not mandatory.

Once accepted, I, Mistystar, will buddy you. Then, you will be able to join the Clan. Hope to see you soon :)

If you see a grammar, spelling or coding mistake, we kindly ask you to inform us in the comments and we will get to it as soon as we can. Thank you!

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