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⍟Life is simple, yet we insist on making it complicated.⍟
Squirrelflight by klaracrystalpaws-d7nv7q4

Credit to the original artist

⍟Essential Information⍟
Name Velvet
Gender Female
Residence Kittypet
Orthodox N/A
Mate N/A
Age 10 moons
Offspring N/A
Parents Vanilla {Mother}
Breed Red Somali
Recruitable? No
Domesticated/Feral Domesticated
Birthday October 5th


Velvet has a bloodshot red coat with a cream underbelly and an unusually muscular figure, for a kittypet. She is excessively strong, and won't back down from a fight that easily.

Pelt colour: Creamy{underbelly}Dark red{Top layer}

Eye colour: Murky-green

Scars: A few scratches below her left ear, and several others behind her neck.


Velvet is extremely delinquent and isn't afraid to speak what's on her mind. She can be defiant towards challenges, furthermore not following any type of rules. She can be extremely naive, jumping into fights she can't win, despite this, she is quite friendly and outgoing but will snap easily if you annoy her.

  • Velvet
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