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Name Kitti
AJ Username Aridelaide, coolroboy, 
Wiki Username Wølfikitty 
Status Active
Sex Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Mate Tearie
Crush ^
Pack None
Rank None
Orientation Neutral

Kitti is a purebred, sarcastic Yukon wolf with a gossamer, honey ombre coat and creme melon-coloured eyes. She is often insensitive towards others and may unintentionally hurt one with her snarky remarks. Kitti despises vanity and arrogance and often reacts in a negative manner after encountering said sins.






Tearie <33


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Coding credit to Primrøse


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Art Thou Worthy?

It was a seraphic night. A gentle breeze ruffled the tips of your groomed fur, the sensitivity sending a pleasant shiver down your spine. Your nose twitched, the alluring scent of violets filling your nostrils. Excitement coursed through your body as the aroma proved true, and  a slender, long-furred wolf emerged from the shadows of the surrounding trees. Her coat was a pure, angelic white hue in the moonlight, so much that it took concentration to spot the individual hairs. She slowly walked towards you, coyly looking up with soft, lilac eyes. A desire so strong it fazed your vision rocked you on your wobbling paws, and you trotted to her, passionately intertwining your muscular body with hers. You both lay onto the lush grass, gazing down at the rushing water of the canyon and making small talk. 

"Er̃iselle... what have I done to deserve you? I'm not worthy of your love." you murmured whilst burying your snout into her gossamer fur. To your dismay, she stood, breaking off contact, and she walked to the edge of the canyon, intently staring at the churning river. You followed her, curiosity building up in your mind. Er̃iselle turned, a seemingly sweet smile etched upon her face. 

"You're right."

She gave a gentle nudge that could've easily been seen as a loving caress, and



Fairest in the Land

Name Er̃iselle (ah-r̃eese-ehll)
AJ Username coolroboy1
Wiki Username Wølfikitty
Status Inactive
Sex Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Mate Tearie
Pack None
Rank None
Orientation Light appearance, dark actions

Flaws Must Be Fixed...

A faint whimper trailed through the sparse forest as a beautiful white pup emerged from her mother, a warm smile birthing upon her face as she gazed down at the Lilliputian.

"Born because of a mistake that taught me well..." the female murmured. "I name you Err."

She barely had time to cleanse her offspring's fur of any extra fluids before the roar of engines cut through the air, monumental machines swerving into the area. Billowing clouds of dust swarmed the air as armed humans poured out, their loud voices buzzing, causing the pup's eyes to widen with confusion. The mother stood, instinctively standing over her newborn, her matted fur heightening, and a belligerent growl rumbling from her chest. The man closest to the pair briefly spoke into the box on his shoulder. Much to the pup's surprise, the box spoke back, and the man lifted his weapon. His finger made the smallest motion before her mother flinched, momentarily freezing as a milky red liquid lazily trickled down her fur. Err blinked as a drop fell upon her crisp, black nose, her thoughts occupied with the peculiar beauty of it as her mother collapsed on top of her. The man roughly scooped her up, firmly placing her inside one of the beastly metal things. The door shut with a slam as he swung himself into the seat in front of her, starting up the engine again, and the last thing Err saw was her dead mother, dust settling onto her fur as they sped away.

It had been weeks since Err was captured and brought to the lab, a room with blaring white walls and the overpowering smell of bleach. Everything was to be kept clean and pleasant, for otherwise the owner would fly into a terrifying rage. On this day, there were more humans than usual, and they all seemed to be in a frantic rush. Err smiled with amusement, for they reminded her of all the fearful animals that they slipped into her cage, scurrying about to try and evade their inevitable death by her jaws. The unmistakable screech of a car braking sounded, accompanied with the slams of metal doors. The humans stopped, lining up against the walls as they waited for the visitor to enter.

The suspense was broken, a man in a crisp black suit and a little girl wearing pompous, lilac clothing stepping into the lab. "Hello, everyone," the man smiled and surveyed the gathered scientists before fixing his gaze on one who seemed to be the most nervous out of the group. He anxiously tapped his fingers against his lab coat, and Err could smell his perspiration. He was usually the one who initiated orders around the lab, though he now was the lesser man under the icy gaze of the owner.

"Daddy, can I go see her now?" the girl whined, irritated that she was being restrained from her present. Her father glanced at her and chuckled. "Go ahead, Allice." He pronounced her name Ah-leeese.

Err blinked her translucent light-blue eyes as the girl got closer, jerking back with surprise as she stuffed her hand into the cage. Allice studied  her with a calculating glare, and Err uncomfortably shifted under her scrunity. Finally, she spoke, her high, clear voice slicing through the tension.

"Daddy, why are her eyes blue?!" 

The man's smiles disappeared as quickly as it had formed, and he narrowed his eyes at the head scientist. "Mark, do you have anything to say?" he spoke coolly with an undertone of menace. The scientist froze, skittishly stuttering. "Uh-um, w-we can fix it r-right n-now, sir." A grin returned to the man's face. "No, they will fix it. We will fix you." Mark's eyes widened in fear, and he begged. "No, please! I have a family!" Two burly bodyguards entered the laboratory and took him by the arms. They dragged him down the hall, and his pleas for mercy diminished as they drew farther and farther away. 

can y'all tell this is gonna be a long one?


Credit to Ønyx for the art.

☄️May the odds ever be in your favor.☄️

The white light of a glorious haven presented itself to you, its angelic demeanor warmly inviting you in, and you tentatively stepped forward before another option flared at the edge of your view.

Seductive flames flickered, fiery sparks dancing about the air. As one landed on you, the brief warmth of it seemed to tease you with the prospect of exhilarating danger.

Which will you choose?

☄️A Ray of Sunshine☄️

Full Name Aridelaide
Wiki Username Wølfikitty
Status In use.
Sex Female
Sexuality Sugarsexual
Age One year
Lover Sugar
Group N/A


Ari is fire, snark, and life.

Hecate is elegance, mystery, and enchantment.

Moriah is gold, grace, and destruction.

Jellal is shadow, seclusion, and emptiness.

Static is stealth, loyalty, and contrast.
  • Drawn by Foodfoodandmorefood.
  • Taken by Lakela on Deviantart.